Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Written Episode Update On 16 December 2020: Kanak Dosh Geena

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Bapuji suffers a heart attack and falls unconscious. Ba and all the people reached him. Hema asks Chetan whether Bapuji died. He scolds her that if Bapuji passes away before giving the property, they will be in trouble; She can show her acting skills. Hema starts the play. Kanak thinks that his plan has backfired. Gaina tries to run towards Bapuji, but Kanak stops her. Heral asks the guests if they are happy now and asks to get out. Guests walk outside. Hema asks Gina to go away with her relatives because Bapu’s condition is because of her. Anant tells him not to shout at Gehna and asks Sapan what to do now. Sapan says that Bapu’s pulse rate is dropping and he can get a stroke anytime, so he should be taken to his room. They all took him to Bapuji’s room. Gaina tries to follow them, but Kanak stops her and dares not to go to Bapu. Gehna goes to her room and cries remembering all the recent events.

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Radhika’s cab driver forgets the route and Radhika’s mobile GPS does not work. Some devotees stop the photo of Goddess on the road. Radhika goes to him and requests his car to give him some way to pass, but the devotees do not agree and ask him to take a different route. Radhika asks for a reverse car from the driver and tries to waste Anant’s number.


The family lures Bapuji to his bed, and Sapan examines his BP, saying that his BP is falling down and asks him to take an injection from his cupboard. Hiralal says that he should call another doctor. Anant says that he trusts Sapan. Pankaj shouts that if he had properly examined the background of the boy, Bapuji would have been fine and Jewel would not have been unmarried. Sapan asks them to stop their fight because Bapuji can understand everything. Gaina walks towards Bapuji’s room, but Kanak slaps her and warns her not to go to Bapuji’s room as that is the reason for her condition. She thinks that if Gina enters the room, she will convince Bapuji with her tears and care and they will be thrown out of the house. Bapu opens his eyes and calls Gehna. Gaina begs Kanak to let him in. Kanak says that she is unlucky for the family, killed her parents first and is now trying to kill Bapu. She leads Gehna towards the door.

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Bapuji asks everyone except Anant to go out. Hiralal asks what he wants to tell Anant, if he will even stay. Pankaj and Hiral return her. Sapan asks them all to stop fighting and go out. Ba asks if he should stay back. Bapuji says that he should also go. Everyone except Anant went fiercely. Bapuji asks Anant to close the door. Ba says that Bapuji never sent him like this in life. Heral says that the whole problem is due to infinity. Pankaj and Chetan call her back again and shout that Anant brought the alliance online without even consulting his elder brothers. Sapan asks them all to stop their drama. Kanak kicks Gehna out of the house and closes the door, warning her not to show her ominous face again. Geetha stands crying.

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ये भी पढे -  & TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13 january 2021 Written Episode Update
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