Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Written Episode Update On 18 December 2020: Anant’s Shocking Decision

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Anant rushes to the river to save Gehna. Gehna prays to Kanhaji that he is leaving and they should go to Bapuji soon. She tries to jump into the river when Anant stops her and asks why he was trying to commit suicide, why didn’t he think of his parents who love him so much. Gehna says that Bapuji would die if she lived. Anant says that nothing like this will happen. She says that she cannot show her face to Ba and Bapuji and wants to die. He says that if he dies his parents will be in sorrow, it was not his fault that the marriage was annulled. Gehna begs him to let her go. Sapan enters and informs that Bapuji is alive and is calling him well. Anant holds his hand and says let us go as Dad is waiting for him and repeating his name. Gehna sits down crying. Anant reminds Bapuji of his request to marry Gehna. At home, Ba told the worried Bapuji that the jewel would return soon. Kanaka asks Gehna to prepare to mourn Gehna’s death if her dolly / palanquin does not leave her house. Tia sees Gehna coming with Anant and Sapan and informs the parents. Hema yells that Gina has not died. Baa asks Gehna why he took such a big step even without thinking about his Baa and Bapuji. Anant says that someone told Bapuji that if he stays alive he will die. Kanak reminds Gina of her death and consoles her, saying that her luck is bad, but that does not mean that she will die without thinking about Bapuji, she can see Bapuji alive and well. . Panditji says that Muhurta is passing the time. Hiralal asks him to take his fees and leave there due to the cancellation of the marriage. Bapu stops her and asks her to continue arranging the marriage. Hema remarks that they should perform a havan to Gehna’s misfortune. Kanak says that now no one will marry Gehna, not even a poor boy. Anant says that Gehna will be married today. Pankaj’s comment now finds Anant another boy, who he is. Anant says that he decided to marry Gehna. Everyone was surprised to hear that. Ba slips in shock and the pot falls down. Anant looks at Radhika and her name differently.

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Radhika continues to travel in a cab with her parents and asks the driver to get help from someone if she does not know the route. The driver agrees and asks for a nearby address. Back at home, Ba asks Anant what he is telling. Anant says that he decided to marry Gehna and cleared a black dot on his fate. Baya asks how she can make such a big decision without consulting him, he had a big dream for her; What is it about Radhika who dreams about her and comes here from Singapore for her, even she accepts Radhika as her daughter-in-law as they are both friendly to each other, she gave Radhika Promised to make her little daughter-in-law, what about their Chandomali ritual, about W. What her parents are coming here to fix the alliance, she doesn’t accept her decision Gaina thinks Ba True, Radhika and Anant are compatible with each other, she should marry Radhika and not him. Kanaka asks Anant why he broke Baa’s heart for the jewel, the society will think that his family’s most capable son married a maid. Anant says that Ba considers Gehna as his daughter. Ba says that considering and reality is different, she will never accept Geh as her daughter-in-law. Hiralal asks who gave him this right. Bapuji says that he gave her this right and requested her to marry Gehna.

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While constantly molesting Radhika in the car, it seems that the marriage is over and Anant must be calling her, but her phone is switched off. Back at home, Ba asks Bapuji why he asked Anant to marry Gehna, she should take back her decision. Bapuji says that he will not be because Anant has grown up and his shoulders are so strong that he is taking responsibility for his father, which not everyone can do. Sapna says that Bapuji is right, he should be proud of Anant who is very courageous. Baa says that she is a courageous mother and is deciding that Gehna will not be the younger daughter-in-law of her house. Wheat is standing tall.

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