Star Plus TV Show Yeh Hai Chaete 27 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Preisha to Rudraksha Rescue


Yuvraj tells Preisha that he did not kill Kirti. Preisha says that Kirti was alive when Rudra left after meeting Kirti, so he should come along and inform Rudra. Yuvraj says that if he does this, he will get into trouble, Rudra is a rockstar and he will survive, but he cannot. Preisha thinks he is too selfish and supports Bandh, saying that Rudra is innocent and even he is, he needs to find out. She goes to the roof to get some clues and notices something. Back in the hotel corridor, Balraj informs Rudra that he has summoned his team of lawyers and the police cannot arrest him. Kirti’s father goes inside and says that he will get punishment for Rudra. Balraj says who he is, he does not know who Rudra is. The father says that he is Kirti’s father and minister Harish Jain, now no one can save Rudra. He asks the inspector why he has not arrested anyone till now and orders him to arrest Rudra as he was seen with Kirti

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Preisha said that no one should dare to arrest her husband because she is innocent. Harish argues with her. She reveals her manager’s mistake that she had not told the whole thing and that taking them to the roof shows another door to enter the roof. The manager says that he forgot about it and the door has been closed for a long time. She opens it and says that she came to the roof through it, she also saw Rudra and Keerti’s argument and after Rudra goes out she walks down. He and Rudra spent time together. Harish says what nonsense. Preisha says that it is normal for the couple to be together. He asks why he didn’t tell the police about it earlier. She asks if she remembers what dress she wore last night and forgot, even she forgot; This proves that Preisha was alive when Rudra went down. Harish says that she is cooking the story to save her husband. Inspector says that Preisha is right, they need to find out who entered the roof through that door. Balraj warns Harish that he cannot threaten Rudra without proof and asks the inspector to find the truth. Preisha walks towards Rudra, and he looks at her emotionally.


Gipsy and Vasu see the news of Kirti’s death and get worried. Vasu calls Preisha, but she does not pick up the call. She then calls Sharda who reveals that Kirti fell from the roof and died, the police suspecting Rudra, but Preisha saved her. Preecha returns to Saranash’s room. Sarah insists on meeting Rudra. Preecha says that he cannot. Rudra walks away saying why he won’t. They spend quality time together to enjoy pizza etc. The title track of the serial plays in the background. Mishka goes to the terrace to find out what she is talking about. The inspector informs Harish that he has found some clues and will take him. Rudra confronts Preisha that she did not come to the terrace last night and they did not spend the night together, so he lied to prove her innocent and great to herself; He will not forgive her whatever she tries.

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