Star Plus TV Show Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 January 2021 Writeen Episode Update – all Episode Update

Preisha informs the entire incident with GPS and says that she does not trust Mahima, so she should keep Sarnash with her. He agrees and feels sad that he could not give good care to his children. Rudra asks her not to say that she gave good upbringing to Preisha and Mahima was greedy since childhood. GPS states that she is concerned for her life and that Mahima has the right to be a summary custodian, so she will attend Khurana’s Lohri ceremony and ask Mahima to send her asylum in front of everyone so that she will reject his request. Could not. They both agree. Preisha asks her not to inform Amma about it. GPS says that Vasu loves Mahima and feels that his story is true, but will be shattered if he discovers Mahima’s truth. Preisha agrees.

In the evening, a celebration of Lohri at Khurana House. Guests start flowing. Balraj likes the system. Ahana and Mishka shout that Mahima made all the arrangements. They see Vasu and GPS entering and remark that these middle class people always find a reason to come here. Vasu and Gipsy greet Balraj and Sharda with a happy Lohri and Ahana and Mishka are more jealous seeing Preisha enter and shout at her and then ask about Yuvraj. Yuvraj entered his usual style and followed him. Mahima and Rudra enter with Saranash. Saranash happily hugs Gipsy and Vasu and says that he was missing them. GPS says they were also missing him because he had been living with them for a long time. He requests Sharda and Balraj that if he can take Sharan with him for a few days. Vasu says that she will help Sharan in online classes. Sharada says why not, because Sharan is also his grandson. Balraj says that the craze of grandparents will be very strong in childhood. GPS wants permission for glory that agrees. Saranash happily rushes to change her dress. Preisha goes to her room to help her and is shocked to see the injuries on her back. She is scared to see him and asks why did he come inside? He asks to explain who did it. Sharan said that Mahima beat him with a belt, reminding him of the incident. Preeti got nervous on hearing this. Sharan says that Mahima is not like portraying herself and asking when their game will end and she and Rudra will return with her. Preisha asks her to do normal acting till the play is over.

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Preity returns to the festival site with Sarna. Sharan asks Sharada if she can worship. She says she is the youngest member of the family. Mahima joins him in worshiping her. Sarnash tells Sharda that she wants to worship with Rudra and Preisha. Sharda agrees and asks Mahima to bring jaggery from the store room. Mahama escapes. Sharanesh worships with Rudra and Preisha and they all start dancing around the bonfire. Mahima returns and asks Sharada if they can start the puja. Sharada says that the Muhurta was passing, so they worshiped beforehand. Ahana and Mishka taunt her that they feel pity for her, she should know that she is now getting married in a rich family and has servants to take care of all this. Mahima is jealous to see Rudra and Preisha dancing.

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Yuvraj goes to Preisha and asks to worship with her, but when she does not, she worships herself. A spark falls on her lung and burns. He starts to suffer. Sarnesh pulled out her lungi. Everyone stands ashamed. He scolds Sarnash for ruining his dignity. GPS tells him to go home. Yuvraj says that he will dance with the rest of his lungi and dignity, asks the drummers to play the drums and starts dancing. Guests join in. Mahima tries to dance with Rudra, but he kills her in the corners and dances with Preisha. Ahana on seeing this tells Balraj that he feels pity for the glory, so she will stop Rudra from going. Sharda tells them not to bother. Balraj followed her. After the celebration, Rudra goes to Saran’s room to pack his clothes and emotionally asks if he will leave her alone. Sharan says that he can also go to his grandparents’ house as Mahima was not there to defeat him. Rudra suspects and asks if Mahima killed him. Sarnesh shows his injured back. Rudra looks nervous.

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