Star Plus TV Show Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Mahima picks up Preisha’s phone and asks why he called her. Preisha asks her to inform her that her husband Rudra is here. Mahima asks what he is doing here. Preisha says that she should ask him, she was wet in the rain outside the house all night and now she is having high fever, he gave her medicine and she is still unconscious, so he come and take her from here. Sharada says they are coming. Mahima cut the call. Preisha informs GPS that she is going to the hospital. Gipsy thinks he can feel her pain, although she says nothing. Ahana and Mishka discuss why Rudra went there and stayed wet all night. Sharda says that she is going to her son. She arrives at Preisha’s house with glory where Vasu explains what happened to Rudra and takes them to Rudra. Sharda becomes more worried after seeing unconscious Rudra. Mahima says that she wants to take him home and asks GPS if he can arrange to help someone. GPS asks Yuvraj to help him. Yuvraj says why didn’t he ask something for the first time and thinks that this old man made him a porter, but soon he will become Preisha’s real husband

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Sharda and Mahima take Rudra home. After some time Rudra calls Preisha and insists on meeting her. Balraj tells him to calm down and asks why he went to Preisha’s house and stayed in the rain all night, what if he goes to hell, he has concerts in 2 days. Rudra shouts that he does not care and asks to cancel all the concerts as he wants to meet Preisha right now and he cannot live without her. Ahana says that if she cancels the concert she will be at a loss. She says that she does not have the right to say so. He continues to panic while the family tries to stop him. He walks towards the door, slips up the stairs and falls off an injured forehead. Seeing blood flow from his forehead, family members took him to the hospital. At the hospital, Rudra continues to panic, while the doctor tries to treat him, saying he has internal injuries and may need a CT scan. He asks the doctor to call Preisha. The doctor says that Dr. Preisha is a gynecologist and cannot treat them, but she insists. Sharda asked the doctor to be Dr. Requested to call preisha. Preisha enters and, bruising her injury, gives her a pain injection and tries to leave. He calls her. She says that she is a doctor and her duty is to save her patients, nothing else. Yuvraj enters and gives court notice to Rudra. Rudra shouted what is this. Balraj investigates and says that these are court restraining orders against Rudra. Yuvraj says that Rudra should not walk near Preisha, otherwise he will remain in jail. Rudra kept shouting. Yuvraj takes Preisha along. Mahima says that Yuvraj did it right, Rudra stopped harassing Preisha. She takes everyone out of the cafeteria to fetch something for Rudra. Rudra leaves the hospital room to meet Preisha

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Preisha comes back home and brings pizza for Saranash. Saresh gets excited after seeing Preeta. the doorbell is ringing. The GPS opens the door. Rudra calls Preisha. GPs unsuccessfully try to stop him. Preisha asks him to leave or Yuvraj will call the police. Yuvraj joins and warns him to leave. Their fight begins. The GPS stops them and sends Rudra out of the house. Rudra keeps on knocking at the door. GPS calls the watchman and asks him to take Rudra out of the society. Rudra continues. Yuvraj got angry. Preisha says that she will talk to Rudra once and asks him to go to her, but Rudra has problems.

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