Star Plus TV Show Yeh Hai Chaiten Written Episode Update on 30 October 2020: Preisha took a stand


Preisha sees Sharda in the hospital and asks if everything is right, she tells that she will rest at home. Sharada says that her diabetes medicines were over, so she met the doctor for a checkup; Tells her to go with him because she too is going home. Preisha says that she will visit her parents and then come home. Ahana goes to Rudra with Misha and acts as an apologist for lying. Mishka also apologizes to Rudra. Rudra says, okay. They both insist that if the CCTV footage was not removed, it would have proved innocent. Rudra says, well, he turns out to be innocent. Ahana and Mishka walk furiously. The doctor examines Neerja. Rahul gets worried and asks how is Neerja’s condition. The doctor says that his brain started working again if someone came to visit him and the condition improved after that. Rahul says that Neerja’s friend Preisha came to meet him. The doctor suggests calling him again. Rahul calls Preisha. Ahana and Mishka discuss that Rudra does not listen to them at all, CCTV footage was missing and must contain some important clues; Ahana calls the hotel and talks to the manager.

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Rudra blurts out that Preisha is missing from the house and plays the guitar. Preisha returns to her room. Rudra shouts at her and blames her as usual. Preisha does a countdown and chants the mantra to calm herself and says that she is a human being and cannot bear her repeated accusations, she trusts him and also, she has to do her duties. Should follow and stop it. He runs away shocked. Preisha feels good that she started the countdown to calm herself. Rahul calls her and requests to come back to the hospital. Preisha says that she is planning something again, so she won’t come. He says that Neerja needs his help and he should come kindly. Preisha agrees and leaves. Rudra sees his uniform tie missing and walks into Preisha’s room to shout again, but does not find it there. He returns to his room, thinking where he must have gone this time, calls him, but his phone is in the purse.


Preisha arrives at the hospital and asks Rahul why she called him now. Rahul says Neerja’s brain activity increased after he spoke. The doctor says that he should try to speak again. Preisha speaks and tells how her child calls Mama and that she should get ready for her child’s sake. Neerja’s brain activity increases again. The doctor says this is a good sign and should go to Preisha daily. Preisha continues to talk to Neerja and says that she will visit him daily. Rahul feels guilty and apologizes to Preisha. Preisha says that there is a difference between her and her, because of that her life changed. He asks if he will come for Neerja daily. He says that he promised Neerja and will come till Neerja recovers.


Rudra feels that there should be Preisha with Yuvraj. He calls Yuvraj, who is busy with a club flirting with a girl, and yells at him to delete the CCTV footage and asks Preisha to give him the phone. Yuvraj gets happy seeing Rudra’s confusion and says that Preisha does not want to talk to him, laughs at the girl and says that she does not want to talk to anyone and cuts off the call. The girl asks who is Preisha. Yuvraj says that she is the sister of his friend Nalla Khurana. Rudra gets heavily intoxicated. Preisha returns home. Rudra grabs her and asks where did she go. Preisha says that she went to meet Neerja. He asks after or before meeting Yuvraj. She says that she gets Rahul’s call to meet Neerja. He even tells Rahul how many men he needs. Preisha warns him to take care of his tongue.

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