Star Plus TV Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 Janaury 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

The beginning of the episode asks Manish what happened to Karthik. Karthik asks what. Kairao says that I saw Mama and hugged her, she did nothing, is she angry with me. Karthik says that it did not happen. Kairav ​​asks if she hides and stays here, I’m not a bad boy anymore. He says no, you are my good boy, Mama is not here. Kairav ​​says it was not a dream, believe me. Karthik says that I know you are not lying, I am not crying, I am coming. Carav goes with the teacher. Manish asks what Kairavat was saying. Karthik yells what he needed to be sent away, look what happened, he is so scared that he is not able to talk, he looked at his mother. They were all shocked. Karthik says that yes, he has seen his mother. Gayu tells Naira and smiles. Surekha asks how this can happen. Karthik says that I know Naira is dead, but what I will explain to Kairav, maybe he saw someone else or imagined Naira, I did not want that, so I was with him all day. Was busy, I have to go to him and convince him, take care of Akshu. He leaves. Gayu says that I knew that Naira could not die until he would forgive me. Surekha asks what Kairav ​​saw …


Seerat meets the coach. His friend asks him to coach. The coach asks if you want a job in railway or police in sports quota. Siarat says no, I have to win gold medal in national and international as well. The coach says that I have seen someone like you after a long time, but I regret that I moved to Delhi Boxing Federation, I hope to see you there soon. Her friend asks about some local coaches. Coach Mukesh Rathore says. Sīrat remembers her stepfather. Her friend asks if there is any way to learn from you. Koch says if this happens, I would never refuse. She asks if you had taught me, would you not have gone? The coaches say 100%, teachers want such great students. She says thank you for encouraging me, we will hopefully meet in the federation.

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Karthik is on the way. Kairao says that it was Mama. He cries. Nanko spoils Sirat’s boxing coach. She gets angry and says that the children are just a problem. Karthik says that I am coming to Karaiv, it cannot be your mother. Mukesh takes the girls to the terrace. Siret’s friend says that you cannot go to Delhi, coach cannot come here, how will you take coaching from Mukesh, go to better Dronacharya and become Eklavya. Sirat says you are right, I have to do something, my training will start from here, I will get gold medal. Karthik comes to Kairavat. Kairav ​​hugs her and says that I have seen Mama in the hostel boxing ring and today in a field trip, no one is listening, trust me, you are right. Karthik says yes, I trust you. Kairao says that I actually saw him. Karthik says that he is no more. Kairavat asks why did you come if you don’t believe me? Karthik says that I trust you.

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Kairav ​​asks if I do not know Mamma, I did not talk to you. Karthik says no, I believe it. He thinks that you are missing him a lot, so you are imagining him. Kairao says that you think I imagined him. Karthik says no. He thinks what is happening now. Sirat fixes a call to record Mukesh’s training. She says that I will learn from her and break her hand. Nanko sees this and shows Mukesh the phone. Mukesh threw the phone in a barrel of water. Sirat rushes to get the phone. She checks and says that it shouldn’t be spoiled. Mukesh says it was just a trailer. Argument.

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He says that you cannot be a boxer in this birth, like father, like daughter. He throws a stone at her. He says that I will insult your family. Sirat insults Ella, Nanako and Mukesh. Mukesh says that you have to practice to become Mary Kom, just by maintaining her picture you will not be able to become Mary Kom. Nani comes and asks what happened. She sees arguments. Sīrat challenges her. Her friend says she is a coach, you will be knocked. He asks her to come inside. Sirat says I will kill you one day. Mukesh asks Eela to make tea for him.

Karthik says I will calm down, I will know, there is water, please, trust me, remember everything and tell me. Carave tells everything. He asks the warden if anyone comes here for practice. The warden says that no one from outside is allowed to come here, this cannot happen. Kairav ​​says but she came. Karthik says that my son did not lie, he saw someone. Kairao says that I have seen someone. Karthik says that perhaps security is not known. The watchman goes. Karthik says that we will try our best to find him. Kairao says

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