Star Plus TV Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Update 21 November 2020: Karthik and Naira are in Loggerheads


The episode begins with Karthik and Naira going home. He says thank God, descent is fine, you stay strong. She gets a call from the doctor, she thinks to ask Karav and later to tell Karthik. Kairav ​​prays. Naira approaches him. She says the descent is fine now, how he fell, why the two of you left Aarti, what happened, do you play with him, did he slip or did you push him. Kairav ​​remembered his words. He tells her to tell the truth. She says I saw you there, did you push her. Karthik gets shocked and asks Naira what are you doing? Naira says she is not saying anything, she is hiding something. He stops her. They say that Vanshi is in the hospital, you are stressing Kairav. Naira says that something was happening between them. Kairao says that I did nothing to the dynasty, Mama is saying. Karthik says that he did not say so. She says I mean, I have seen them. He says stop it. She says no, I ask her, she is my son too, he knows her. Kairav ​​says I don’t know. Karthik says I beg you, leave it. Naira says let me ask, the clan may have lost his life or broken his bones, tell me, did you push him in anger. Karthik says, why would he push the dynasty. Kairav ​​says I did not push them. Karthik says that the matter ends here, enough naira, why do you want to frame him, he loves the dynasty very much. She says I have seen her, accidents happen, he can trust me, say it. Karthik says that he would have told us that if something had happened we would not have talked about it. She goes on crying. Karthik calms Kairav ​​and asks him to sleep. Kairav ​​hugs her.

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Naira sits weeping. Karthik comes to calm him down. He says that the descent fell in front of you, so you’re in shock. She says that I was asking Karaiva. He says that you were blaming him. The picture of the Varnava dynasty and cries. He says that you jumped down and got hurt, mummy doesn’t trust me, how can I convince her. Karthik says that okay, Karav was scared, he is a child, but he will not do it, I thought the matter will end here. Suvarna comes and says that Vatsal is crying a lot, what shall we do, Gayu cannot come here. Naira says that I and Karthik will go there, we will send Gayu home, take care of Akshu. Suvarna says that she is sleeping, just go fast, I will handle Akshu. Gayu asks how this can happen, tell me. Karthik and Naira arrive and ask what happened. Knowledge says that the feet of the dynasty


The doctor says to relax, Vanshi tries to lift your leg. Descent says that I cannot move forward, I am trying a lot. They get shocked. Vanshi asks if I can’t walk again, fix my feet. Karthik calls Samarth and says why he is not answering. Gayu says that he does not care about my son. She asks the doctor to fix the descent. The doctor says don’t worry, I’ll do more tests tomorrow. Karthik says to do any test, descent should be fine. He embraces the dynasty. Naira cries and goes to get water. Karthik approaches him. Does she ask if he will recover? He says that yes, he will be treated, perhaps he is not able to move his legs due to pain. She says she is too young. He hugs her and consoles her. He says that we have to handle the dynasty. Naira says that if something happened to the dynasty, it was because of the tax, I saw her. He says that Carav did nothing. Naira says that she did not do it intentionally, but she accidentally pushed the dynasty, I saw her myself, otherwise, I am not sure. Gayu hears this and gets shocked. The doctor calls him. He says don’t worry, Vanshi will sleep till morning, I gave him an injection, we will do the test in the morning. Gayu cries. Karthik says that maybe it is wrong, you know Kairav, he is our son. Naira says that there is something that she is hiding from us. Gayu asks the nurse if she will stay here all night. The nurse says yes. Gayu thanked him. She left. Karthik says that now you will not say this to anyone, come. They come in the lineage. Naira asks where is Gayu. The nurse says that she went somewhere. Naira suddenly says … The nurse says that Vanshi will get consciousness in the morning, go home. Gayu Kairavat comes home screaming. Grandma asks what happened. Everyone has their eyes. Kara makes a painting of the dynasty and says that I miss you so much. He shouts Kairav. Karthik and Naira come home. Manish says that Gayu has just arrived, who is with the dynasty. Karthik says that he disappeared. Naira asks if he went to see Vatsal. Suvarna says no, she said that Kairavat and went to her. Akhilesh says that he was very angry, anything happened. Karthik and Naira go to see. Gayu asks

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