Star Plus TV Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update On 15 December 2020: Naira Saves Kaira

Starting the episode, Karthik said that I am sad, I miss Aksu so much, do you miss him too. Kairao says, I remember, I imagined him on my birthday, but it was Siya, I was sad, but the next day, I made a painting of Akshu with a new paint brush. Naira prays. Karthik says how nice it would have been if she were here with us. Kairav ​​says then call him to us. Naira asks if you have heard it, Akshu, the coward is calling us home. Kairava says that elder brothers are calling him. Karthik Mahan says, I will call him. Naira hangs up on the phone. Karthik calls Naira. He says Naira, you come to Mumbai, bring Akshu here, Kairav ​​is missing her. Naira says yes. Kairao asks her to come tomorrow. Karthik says come tomorrow, okay. Kairava feels that Akshu cannot live without Mama, that means, Mama will also come. Karthik hugs Kairavat. they dance. Naira dances. Riddhima sees Naira.

They all come to the market for shopping. Karthik and Naira look at each other and sign. Riddhima looks like. Lucca Chupi… .Play… Carav Love You Mom Watches Balloons. Riddhima asks if there is a special day, such things are sold on mothers day. Karthik says that it is a special day tomorrow, when Naira and Kairav ​​meet, so I arranged that, I wanted to get an idea, how Kairav ​​would react. He wants to ask Kairav ​​like Naira. Karaiv buys balloons. Naira smiled. This relationship… .play…. Riddhima remembered Arjuna. Karaiv looks at Naira in the mirror and Mama says… Riddhima asks what you said, say it again. He says that Mama is going out. He runs Karitak and Riddhima then run.

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Naira comes from behind. She also follows Kairavat. She takes someone’s cycle, a car drives towards Kairav. Naira pushes him aside. Karthik asks why did you run away. Kairao says sorry, I saw Mama on the other side of the road. Karthik says no, he is not here, how can you see him. Kairav ​​asked if I dreamed again. Karthik says that yes, if you miss the hour, you can feel it. He signs Naira and hugs Karaiv. Riddhima looks like. Naira says when we meet tomorrow… .. Cara, how will I wait. She left. Riddhima slips and gets injured. Karthik brings Riddhima home. He says we will show it to a doctor. She says okay, I’ll put an icepack. He says I will, Naira has sent turmeric milk for you, I think I am lost without him. she sees him. Kairavat arrives. Riddhima says promise me, you will not run like this again. Karthik says that Riddhima is right, take care.


Naksh says wow, see you tomorrow. Naira says yes, I was scared when Kairav ​​ran on the road, it was a strange feeling, I felt the moment of Rishikesh again, when Mama came in front of me, I wanted to hug her and then I ran away. , If Kairav ​​would have done this today, he is very brave and understanding with me, I had no courage to face Mamma, but he came, that means he loves me, he has forgiven me. He says that it means that you are very good, it is the result of your patience and efforts. She says yes, even Karthik and Riddhima have tried, I felt that Kairava could go away from me because of Riddhima, there is nothing, Riddhima to bring me and my son together Is responsible. She laughs. Kairav ​​looks after Riddhima. Karthik hugs Kairavat. they smile. Riddhima looks at them and thinks what was my fault, why didn’t I get such a loving family, I might be there instead of Naira.

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Naira is seen happy. Naksh becomes pudding for everyone. Keerthi asks what is special occasion Naksh does not say anything. Grandma says that it is because of its pudding, I wish I could send it. He says that we will go and meet them. Manish argues. Naqsh says that you can come with us if the doctors are fit to visit you, we will leave. Manish asks how, if I can’t go, I let you all go. Everyone says we will go. Naksh looked at Gayu. He thinks that the distance between you and Naira will also end, then we will all be happy families. Naira dances and says that I am very happy when I meet Kairav ​​and give her a hug. Karthik says very soon, you will hear that I love you. She says it was a long journey, I cannot give time. He says that I invited you to spend time together. She hugs him. They have one thing. He tells her to smile sharply. She laughs. Jehan there… .play…. They dance and hug.

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In the morning Naira comes to meet Kairavat. He smiles and says mamma, akshu. She says yes, I have come to see you. He says thanks, I love you. She says I love you too.


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