StarBharat Show Radhakrishna 1 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vishwaroop Darshan of Krishna


Duryodhana ordered the soldiers to arrest the shepherd Krishna. Vidur and Bhima warn him of dealing with Shri Krishna. Duryodhana shouts that he is arresting the mischievous messenger who insulted a future king. Bhima says that he is doing wrong and requests Dhritarashtra to stop Duryodhana’s injustice. Dhritarashtra says that Krishna practiced religion and was entitled to punishment. Krishna asks Bhima not to request Dhritarashtra as he is blinded both physically and mentally in the love of the son. Duryodhana says that Krishna can only speak and orders the soldier to put Krishna in jail. The soldier gets scared. Duryodhana orders him not to get scared and chained Krishna. Obeyed the soldier Duryodhana along with the soldiers takes Krishna to jail and puts him behind bars. Radha feels that Duryodhana is a fool to take himself to the mouth of death, he is proud of Krishna for keeping his calm till now. Krishna says that he was till now, but he must now show the truth to Duryodhana. Radha asks is this necessary. Krishna justifies, and Radha agrees.

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Duryodhana asks Krishna that he can show him what he can do. Krishna says that he did not see Satya, Satya Duryodhana is in chains and in jail. Duryodhana himself is chained in chains behind bars and shouts how it can happen and orders a guard to free him. The guard walks towards him and he sees Krishna in the guard. Duryodhana shouts that this is Krishna’s black magic. Krishna says that he is trying to put her in jail, he is present everywhere. Duryodhana finds himself in a mirror palace and shouts that it is black magic. He finds Shakuni and goes to her. Shakuni turns and asks if she needs help. Duryodhana is shocked to see Krishna as Shakuni. Then he sees Vidur, Bhima, Arjuna, Dhritarashtra etc. as Krishna and shouts. Krishna asks to see if he is Krishna himself. Duryodhana sees her image and finds himself as Krishna. He shouts his black magic, this cannot be true. Dhritarashtra asks if he is alright, why is he shouting. Duryodhana realizes that he is still in Sabah and keeps shouting at Krishna.


Krishna warns him that if he can dare to give him a chain. Duryodhana brings a long heavy chain and wraps it around Krishna. The chain turns into a small piece and he is shocked. Krishna says that he is the universe himself and the whole universe is in him. He shows his Vishwaroopa avatar and holds the entire universe in his hand, saying that he is present and future, he is loss and victory, he is everything, how Duryodhana will chain him. He continues his speech and throws his Sudarshan Chakra towards Duryodhana. Duryodhana stands in awe

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