Aatma Bandhan TV Serial 2nd January 2021 Written Episode &TV

Matangi comes to Aarti’s room. Aarti asks impatiently whether Aghori Baba agrees to bond with Atman. Matangi says that Ashoka’s life is troubled. Someone has done black magic to his death. Cheru and the Black Magic inflowers are equally responsible for Ashoka’s troubled life. She explains Aghori Baba’s remedy for Aarti. Aarti was upset and cried wondering if any other person is after Ashok’s life. How Ashok found such enemies of life. She asks Matangi who can do this.

Matangi says that Baba kept quiet on this. She says that half the work has already been done for Ashoka’s recovery, he will not have to take Ashoka to Baba. Aarti suggests taking her at once. Matangi explains that this is not possible while everyone is in their room and is deciding to take her to the hospital. She suggests a plan to Aarti. Matangi says this is his last chance to save Ashoka. Otherwise he too will be locked in the room with Aarti.

Aarti goes outside the room. Kripalar tells Indraprasad that the car is ready. They all bow down to catch Ashoka. Matangi shouts for Indra. Futures, Kriparkar and Indra all go to Matangi. Matangi says that Aarti is missing from the room.

Aarti comes to Ashok and cries over his condition. Aarti cries that Ashok did not want an inauspicious wife like him. She decides not to give up, and vows to save him. She puts Ashoka’s body and takes it out.

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In the room, Matangi says that he shouted when he did not find Aarti in the room. Indra was sure that Aarti had become mentally ill. He was concerned with all the problems. Matangi says that she also believes, Aarti is unwell. Indra was angry that he respected Aarti, but he turned out to be irresponsible. Indra and Kripalak run into Ashoka’s room thinking that Aarti can harm Ashoka. Kripalak takes them to search every corner of the house.

Aarti takes Ashoka out. Matangi prepares the car seat and makes them sit in the car. Aarti drives the car.


Vayada and Kriparkar bring to Indraprasad the news that both Ashok and Aarti have gone missing. Rani curiously arrives there and is surprised to hear Ashoka leaving the bed. He was worried about what would happen if magic backfired, as per Jayjamba’s warning. Rani says that Aarti intends to kill Ashoka.

The queen goes to check on the doll she dug in the backyard, to meet again if she is there.

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The car finally starts. The queen comes to the backyard and finds that the hole was empty. She turns the doll black. She was angry that someone came to know about her black magic and she was afraid that if Aarti knew about it. Inside, she cries loudly that the car is not outside. Aarti has taken Ashoka, she will kill Ashoka. She wonders why Aarti hates Ashok. He sends Indraprasad to chase Aarti and bring Ashoka. He now sends her futures to fetch coffee.

Ashok lay unconscious in the car. Aarti asks Matangi how long it will take to reach there. Matangi was sure that he would be there in an hour. Soon, the car loses its balance. Aarti had to pull the brakes. Cheru speaks through Ashoka’s body, Matangi requests Aarti to ignore him and keep going. Cheru asks Aarti where they are going. Aarti lies that they are going shopping, to buy her toys and chocolates. Agrees to go to Cheru. He stops her again and says that she likes to pee. Aarti allows him to leave. Ashok gets off the car. Matangi warns that he has limited time to save Ashoka. They should happily persuade Cheru to leave. Soon, he feels that it is too long for Ashok to leave. Aarti and Matangi get off the car. Ashok was nowhere to be seen. Matangi points to Ashoka sitting on the roof of the car.

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Aghori Baba had prepared a havan and meditated all around. Aarti asks Cheru to get off the car. Matangi says they are in a hurry. Cheru insists that she wants to stay here for some time. Matangi was angry now. She brings a pot and sprinkles it over Cheru. Ashoka’s body trembles which burns Matangi says that it will not cause any harm to Cheru, he will now leave Ashoka’s body. Matangi says that it was the water given by Aghori Baba. Ashok’s body fell on the floor. Aarti and Matangi take Ashok in the car and start their journey again.

The queen was angry that her plan failed. If Ashoka lives, she will not be able to live. Kripalak comes there. He says that Matangi is also not at home. He warns the queen not to trust anyone, Matangi is a loyalist. He also feels that Aghori Baba is involved with him. The queen was worried about what would happen if someone knew about their black magic. She says that someone threw out the black magic doll. Kriparkar knew that


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