& TV Serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26 january 2021 Written Episode Update – all Episode Update

Angoori, crying with Amaji and TMT at Tiwari’s funeral, Tilu cries as Tiwari leaves without paying her salary, Anguri says how will I be without Tiwari, Vibhu says I will take care of you, Ammaji says first Take care, Vibhu says like my sister and I promise Tiwari’s soul that I will take care of your mother and sister Anguri, Teka says wow, and even the three of us are alone, Ammaji Adopted us, Anguri says, there is a problem that all 4 of you are unemployed. Run Tiwari’s business, Amaji says I would better adopt son to do it, TMT begged Ammaji to adopt him , Amaji said that no one asks all of you about my wish, Amaji says I will fulfill your wish, Anguri says I want to get married, Tiwari rises up screaming and scared of his dream, Anguri asks if it was a nightmare, Tiwari says yes, Anguri says don’t worry, it was just a dream, Tiwari says This will be true soon and if anything happens to me, Anguri says stop it all will be alright, don’t worry, go to sleep. Tiwari thinks of preparing Angoori for the upcoming results.


Vibhu calls Tiwari and hands him the BHIMA policy file and says that you have not paid the premium, Tiwari says I was tight in the budget so could not pay, Vibhu says that after 15 years you will get 15 Will earn crores, as a return, Tiwari says who knows me will live 15 years, Vibhu says policy handles, they will transfer the amount to sister-in-law according to the category of death, Prem walks to her and says home Go and relax, why are you out, and all diseases are cured. Don’t worry, Vibhu asks what is wrong with him, Prem says that he has incurable diseases and he will die soon, Vibhu says that How sad, Tiwari says that I want one party to name me some murderers and he will kill me and Angoori will get the money from my policy, Prem says I know one.

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Vibhu prays with Vibhu, Vibhu thinks she prays so innocently to her husband who is about to die soon and sneezes, Anguri scolds Vibhu says that is not a good sign, Vibhu says that right now Hua, Anguri starts crying and Vibhu says God I am worried for Tiwari and now he will think that I am behind this, Supari Bhai has visitors, Tiwari has dressed, as the woman goes to him and says That Kill My Husband Areca Bhai asks why do you want to kill her, Tiwari says she cannot keep me. Happy, Areca asks what is your name, he says Ram Pyari, Areca Bhai 50 Gives% discount and final rate of 10,000 / – and asks when you will kill him, Supari bhai says I am free on 29th January so will kill him on that day.

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Vibhu asks Tiwari why he is so upset, Tiwari says I am going to die soon, what do you expect, Seaman starts drinking, then TMT says we will check the drink first and then Will give it to Tiwari, Vibhu I am also drinking, TMT says its work and starts drinking alcohol, and says that it is now, in the name of taste, Tiwari says half of my three things have been lost. Vibhu asks if Tiwari has appointed him a murderer, Tiwari says yes, Vibhu says that you are such a great person who looks at Bhabhiji, you love him very much, Tiwari says that I love Bhabhiji, I mean, Vibhu says, it’s okay since you’re dying. One question, Tiwari says go ahead, Vibhu says what is your opinion about me, as a person, Tiwari says that as seen in the last 5 years, you are a double standard low principle person, and What do you think, Vibhu also says the same.

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Vibhu says but your pair of sister-in-law looks like an animal, Tiwari says I feel the same, Vibhu says that when you die, I will miss you a lot, and tell my stories to people, that we Drank here

Anguri moves, Tiwari says, tell me one thing, what is your wish that I have not fulfilled yet, Anguri says that the list is big, you said that you will take me to Switzerland, but no, then you Told you take me see Londo Queen and then USA but nothing, Tiwari says nothing national, Anguri says how about Nainital, Tiwari says local, Angoori says shopping, Tiwari says the key is with you, go ahead, but have a wish that I can fulfill correctly, tell me, Anguri says I’m ashamed, really I want to spend romantic time with you and on the terrace. Sing a song Tiwari says let go, Anguri and Tiwari sing a romantic song on the terrace. Vibhu looks at them and says that it is only right for some time, and he will die soon, but someone tells him not to stick so much to him.

TMT at the tea shop with Vibhu and Tiwari, they are drinking Tiwari and Vibhas tea,

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