TV Serial Kundali Bhagya 13 October 2020 Episode Update: Prithvi wakes up and asks to marry Preeta


Rakhi enters Mahesh Luthra’s room, he sits near her and holds her hand and tells her that he should tell her when he gets out of coma as he is very relaxed, he mentions that he is on her She wants to talk together. She should see that he needs her because they both will take care of her family, but can’t do it now, so she has to wake up because she needs him to take care of the family, she explains. Kylie tries to find what Happiness is, and Sharyn and Maira also come into the room.

Sherlyn asks what has happened to her, Rakhi tries to say that she is fine, although Sherlyn reveals that she does not know how she wants to talk, when she is now their relative, Myra states that Her mother has not spoken to her like this in her situation, Mara also says that she should see what her mother has done for the family, Rakhi cannot bear their comments, so she says that they Both stop talking like this because Sarla has grown so much, both of them should give her the respect she deserves because she is also someone’s mother, Rakhi says she wants to spend some time alone Thi but now it makes no sense, so she walks out of the room.

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Sreesati asks what has happened, Preeta realizes that Janaki is not hidden but is unconscious as they are holding her, Pawan asks Gochu how he can make such a big mistake as he is the wrong Pandit, both Preeta and Sridevi. Explains that the marriage cannot take place. As the groom is unconscious, Shrishti warns him of the dire consequences but Pawan then mentions that he should think before they talk as he is holding the two of them hostage, he orders. Lets them bind them both even though they are opposing them all.

Janaki is wondering what she can do to make sure that Preeta gets rid of the kidnappers, she sees that Soman is running so she hides but the kidnapper is taking pictures but she hides again When she sees that he has a gun she tries as Sarla gains the strength to fight him, not even knowing what has happened to Preeta so it is up to her and she finds Preeta. Must fight for

Rishabh tries to ensure that Sarla is calm otherwise it will make matters worse, she is unable to hear anything and asks him what has happened to Preeta, Rishabh mentions that all her questions are justified. Went but she should not blame Rakhi as it hurts her as it is her son, Sarla replies that she has given responsibility of her daughter to Rakhi as she is Karan’s mother so Rakhi is the only person to inquire , Rishabh tries to calm her down but she says he brings his daughter, Rishabh assures her that he will do all that Samir does to bring her back, he asks what has happened because he Can’t see Preeta, Rishabh orders that he calm down and forces Sarla to drink some water.


Pawan orders Mantar to Pandit that he read thwem by phone, Prithvi wakes up, Pawan hugs him, then asks why he was drunk Prithvi mentions that he was not able to find his love, Pawan mentions that this is why he gets angry Preeta, Prithvi is not able to bear it so tries to free her but is stopped by Pawan. Prithvi assures Preeta that he will return after a short discussion with Pawan.

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Sherlyn says that she could not pay attention to Preeta, but now she is stopped from saying anything about Sarla, Mara mentions that they both will do something because if she wakes up She will reveal the truth about the two of them, with Myra saying she did a lot to marry Karan but not even usher her, Sherlyn says she thinks Maira is mad because compared to marrying Karan He has more problems in his life, Mara then walks into the room and is followed by Sherlyn.

Pawan hugs Prithvi who asks him to stop as he is suffocating, Pawan asks why he has this pride and there are many people who love him so he never has anything like this Neither should he, Prithvi forgives him that he has lost the love of his life and therefore could not resist, Prithvi tells Preeti how much ego was there to marry Preeta, but Karna marries daughter. Lee and married her, he still loves her so he can’t loose her, Pawan says she only loves Karan, so it would be better if he kills Karan, Prithvi stops him saying Lets say that he was not able to marry Preeta earlier, but now he will be able to because of her and they will make sure that Karan pays the price for his actions.

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