TV Serial Kundali Bhagya 21 November 2020 Episode Update: Preeta refuses to eat anything that will break her fast


Sherlyn asks Mahira where she was to which she replies that she went to entertain herself and has a lot of fun after which she sits down, Karan and Rishabh also get dressed in the hall, and both of them Seeing Sherlyn and Mahish getting really nervous, Dadi said that she will go and call Rakhi as she loves to listen to Katha.

Preeta also walks into the hall but on the way she faints, everyone is really worried and so they immediately come to her aid, Rishabh calls the doctor meanwhile Karan takes her to the room.

Sherlyn and Mahira both close the door, Mahira asks what has happened, Sherlyn mentions that she will get what she likes because she made sure that Preeta will not be able to complete the fast and the wife who breaks the fast. With Karan, Sherlyn then states that she is really in love with her mother’s plan because it is because of her that they will be able to avenge her, Mahira mentions that she tried to take Preeta but She always though now that they will definitely win because Ramona is with them, Sherlyn also says that she got worried when they were planning to add the poison to the laddus, which her mother brought, because that would mean No one will doubt that they were behind it, Sherlyn says that she realizes that her mother is even smarter, so Mahira herself said that she is the one who is dying and now it will ensure that Preeta will Be thrown out of the house, Sherlyn also thinks that Preeta will no longer be able to stay at home, Mahira is also adamant.


Preeta meanwhile is in the room that the doctor is inspecting her, Rishabh asks what has happened to her, the doctor explains that the symptoms are such that she has got some poisonous substance that she has eaten, hearing this news Everyone is shocked. Then when the doctor advises that they give her something to eat, she will deny that she cannot eat anything because she is fasting, angrily Karan walks out of the room.

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The doctor says that she respects what Preeta believes in and therefore will not force her to break the fast, but she should rest because the poison is infecting her entire body, when Preeta When she refused to go to the hospital, the doctor said that she would give it to him. An injection that is anti-poison and that will make her feel much better, then Kareena goes mad and blames Preeta, saying that she does not understand that Preeta is worth it as if something happens to her, Sarla will come And will convict them and can even file them a complaint but it won’t make any sense to them, she leaves and Grandma explains to her that she knows how Kareena is, the doctor orders her to rest as much as possible .

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Kareena walks in the hall saying that she can’t understand why Preeta is like that since she has come to his house since then she has a lot of problems that she doesn’t know how to solve, both with Sherlyn Mahira She comes out of the room. When asked what Kareena says, she does not understand what Preeta wants from them all because she is really stubborn and is not eating anything while she does not need to eat anything to get poison out of her body. , Sherlyn says that she is just trying to prove that she is Karan’s wife and even when they all don’t believe it to be true, Mahira says that she married Karan in disguise, Which is not according to rituals, so it cannot be accepted, Sharleen tries to annoy Karan by saying that they force Preeta to eat something otherwise she cannot be healthy if she does not eat anything which causes her mother Will get a chance to file a complaint against him. Everyone is put in jail, Dadi comes running with them, telling Preeti to eat something that if she does not do so her health will deteriorate which will make Rakhi angry as she advises him that she Take care of your daughter in laws. He goes and is chased by Kareena.


Sherlyn said that Mahira has made a successful plan and this will ensure that Preeta’s fast is broken after which she will be able to complete the ritual with Karan herself when the moon is shining in the sky. Mahira dreams of how she will perform all the rituals in film style.

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The doctor is in the room, she orders the nurse to inform the lab that they need to report Preeta on an immediate basis, she stands up to attend a private call when Karan enters the room, she tells Preeta. Asks about, she reveals that Preeta is sleeping. He has given her an injection, but will be sure that when the results come.