& TV Serial Santoshi Maa Written Episode Update On 28 December 2020 – Devesh gave Babli time before revealing her secret.

TV Show Santoshi Maa Episode Update On 28 December 2020 The episode begins with all the photos of Indresh’s family watching. Devesh and Indresh ask him what it is and he tells him that the photo is telling me about my marriage with this girl and Indresh asks him again if Saying and Devendra tells her this girl’s name is Bubli which my wife and Indresh, as well as everyone in her family, feel comfortable expressing to her that we were scared.

Dev Rishi happily told Mata Santoshi that this is a very good thing and now all the truth of Bablu will be revealed, but Mata tells her that it is not easy to disclose or accept the truth and Dev Rishi asks her what you Wanting to express, she tells him that Bubbly should stop being afraid or the matter may get complicated. Dev Rishi tells Mata that this too is the power of some Goddess Polomi, who is working in it and says yes Mata because Devesh is near Devi Polo.

Babli is afraid that now Devesh will reveal the truth but Indresh comes to invite him to meet Devesh.

Indresh introduces Devesh, saying that he is the husband of Bablu, who looks like you and Devesh also says that yes my wife also looks like taunting Babli like you, but Singhasan asks her that we have given her Was sent back, where is she now and she says before me when Babli gets shocked leaving Indresh’s hands and Indresh gets confused, but asks Devesh what are you saying and says my wife I look like you, so I said that she is the one who is in front of me and Indresh has calmed down.


Devesh asks Indresh to allow his wife to thank his wife for sending him by his hand, and he immediately places a note in her hand while Singhasan tells her to stay away as it is the case of any woman in our family. It is not allowed to have a hand and this was not the right time to come to thank them but it is also the appropriate time to travel because you too are from a sophisticated family.

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Devesh leaves while Babli reads a chit about calling her near the temple and she goes inside the temple where she is waiting and she shows up with his gun warning him to kill her while he also takes out his gun. But he is talking to him. I have played many such games in my life, which has made me professional how to humiliate people like you, but he is also cursing him saying that I am also like a girl like you. Does not wish for life again and is trying to get close to her but she is warning him that she will shoot and try to shoot, but cannot operate the gun so clicking multiple times does not shoot And Devesh is insulting him by saying that your mind does not work, you do not even know how to fire a gun which is closed and he squeezes the gun.

ये भी पढे -  अभिनेत्री कंगना रनौत ने कहा- जो पायल ने कहा, जैसे कई बड़े हीरो मेरे साथ करते थे, वैन या कमरे का दरवाजा जबरदस्ती बंद करते थे।

Babli is making him happy by saying that please leave my life and be happy with Swati forever because I have settled here comfortably and I have fallen in love with Indresh too.

Devesh tells him that all this will only happen with one condition to return all my stolen money and jewelry, which you know well is someone else’s property and not me if he comes out of jail. Know what he will do. Babli says that I have nothing to return to you now, but she insists that you have to return or I will give her my address, you will face her and if you know Indresh to save you Will also interrupt to save you. This is happening to you and she is becoming pious, accepts her condition, but she also holds the condition that in order to not return here again in my life, once your money + jewelry is returned and Swati’s Be happy while she also says that I also need such a good girl, Swati, whom I like very much, who is so devoted and devotional and not dirty like you, while she hangs up on him.

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Dev Rishi expressed to Mata that the truth you said is getting strange and where it can happen, while Mata also says that I said that the future can be more confusing.

Swati is wondering why Devesh has locked me up and gone or should he have gone to meet Babli?

Devesh insults Babli by saying that I don’t come back to your life again, if you steal all my wealth within seven days and they both fall apart while someone is recording in the temple.

Babli is overjoyed entering Indresh’s house, again realizing that she is free in her life now praises the gods as well as Indresh.


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