TV Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update on October 13, 2020: Karthik leaves Krishna


The episode begins with Krishna stating that I do not want to leave you. Karthik hugs him. Keerthi asks what do you mean? The lawyer says that Krish will live with his mother or father, tell me, you do not need to fight a custody case, I can put him in the draft. She says okay. He ends the call. She says that Krish will be with me, I am her mother. Krish says but dad is dad, I’ll be with him. She says no. Naksh says that he is my son, he will be with me from now on. Kirti’s dream ends, he shouts Krish. Krish asks what happened. Kirti hugs her and thinks that I am getting separated from my husband, I cannot get away from my son. Dadi gets angry and blames Krishna. Suvarna says that the situation was such, why would he wish for someone to be bad. Grandma says that you forgot that you have to stay away from your husband, it was an accident, okay, but today her health worsened when she saw him, who would be responsible for it. Surekha says that we should ask Karthik and Naira. Grandma says that it is not needed, I will tell them, I will send the girl, I am ready to bear her expenses, I cannot afford that unlucky girl. Krishna watches and cries.

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Krishna remembers everyone’s words. She cries. Naira says that Manish is not feeling well, it is wrong to stress him. Karthik says yes, but we cannot let Krishna go. Krishna says that Manish got angry with me, Grandma already disliked me, I spoiled things, Naira never got angry, Karthik saved my life, they both be happy, I should leave from here. Karthik says that I will talk to everyone in the morning, have you taken medicine? Naira says that I had taken the bottle, maybe I forgot right there. Krishna makes a drawing, he is alone, the family is together. She cries. She says God, take care of Karthik and Naira, they are good, Naira will see that I understand. Karthik arrives and thinks to make lemonade. He sees the drawing on the floor.

Krishna reaches the main gate. Naira asks what happened. Karthik says that Krishna… sees Naira drawing. He says that I think he left the house, I will get the car. Naira’s concern. They go Krishna tries to open the gate. Karthik and Naira look at him and shout. Krishna weeps. Karthik hugs him. Naira asks if anyone can go this way. Krishna says that everyone is hurt because of me. Karthik asks who told you. Naira says that once Dad is healed, everything will be alright, don’t you go. Karthik says that your angel has come, you were leaving him. Naira says that Kairav ​​and clan will also come, you will have fun with them. Karthik says, just have fun with the children, we will talk to the elders. Naira says promise me, you will not leave home again. He embraced Krishna. Krishna sleeps. Naira says if you did not see her in time… Karthik says that I did not forgive myself, whatever happened to our daughter, I will not let her be with any girl, Grandma believes That is a problem. Naira said no. Karthik says that if Krishna ji sent him there would be some reason. She says yes, there is some relation. He says that she feels safe with us, she also deserves a loving family, we should adopt her, grandmother will agree.

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Its morning, Naira sees Akshara in a dream and wakes up. She sees the child sleeping. She says that the mother must have come to bless me and my daughter. On its morning, Krish shows the play. Naksh says that I think we should change the color pink. Krish says I want the same. Devayani asks if you don’t make Kirti sleep. Kirti says I’m fine. Devayani says that Krish wants many changes in his room, you tell us. Kirti says that there is no need, we will see where she lives. Naksh says that he will remain here. Kirti says that she can stay in another room. She asks Krish not to be stubborn. Bhabhima says she is a child, I know that parents want to raise children. Devyani says that everyone has equal rights over Krishna. Naksh says that from my side is fine, Krish will get what he wants. Krish thanked and hugged her. Karthik brings Krishna to Naira. He jokes He asks her to come. Krishna holds his hand. He asks her to sit down. She hugs Naira and cries. Naira wakes up and asks what happened. Krishna does not say anything.

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