yeh-rishtey-Hain-Pyaar-Ke TV Serial Show News Star Plus Episode Update 21 Sep 2020: Kuhu Bags The Modeling Contract

Mishti is cooking. Masi asks her if some guests are coming. Mishti says that the report is coming in a short time. I’ll keep thinking about it if I sit ideally. I thought of cooking everyone’s favorite food. Abir indicated to Masi to calm down. He wears Mishti’s glasses and reminds Mishti of Badi Ma’s advice. Whatever happens in life is for good. I will accept whatever is stated in the report. Mishti smiled. Abir says that I am laughing. Am I a cute puppy or a picture of your childhood? Why are you smiling at me? He kills her with finesse. They say stop it, Ajib dynasty smile more at the same time. Masi tells them to be happy like this. Everything will be fine.

Kunal asks Kuhu that he is sure that everything will be alright. We forced Bhai and Mishti to agree with the idea. They say that you should be a surrogate mother for them. We promised to make them responsible. How can you take such a big risk with a child? She catches his ear. Please do not bother me, Mama is also upset with me. he agrees. You took this decision against Mami. I made a commitment to my brother. She talks about her commitment (to Meenakshi), but then covers Mishti’s name. he nods. We cannot take such a big risk when this child is exposed. He agrees to never do anything like this again. She thinks I don’t know why I went out. Ma and Mama are upset with me. What if I am not pregnant? Kunal clicks clear pictures of her and shows her.

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Varsha tells Jasmeet that everything is with Kuhu. If she wanted, she would come to get him Rajshree and Vishmbhar come there. What is happening? Jasmeet tells them that Varsha wants to throw everything out. Vishambhar says that Kuhu has been calling us for 3 days. She wants to talk to you. Rajshree says that a mother is thrilled when she is about to take her first birth. Her mother’s mother is actually the happiest. Akshara gave you this happiness. Ananya has no child, but Kuhu hid this from me and took away this happiness from me. Nobody will call me a nanny? Rajshree makes her sit. We don’t think Kuhu is doing the right thing but that’s what it is. We have to think that the child will bring a smile on everyone’s face. Kuhu is young. You will soon get a chance to raise your grandparents. Varsha says I doubt it. What if it is a girl and Meenakshi ji insists on being a boy? What if Kuhu has to repeat the cycle? Vishmbhar asks him to believe. We will not let this happen again. That’s the reason it happened once before.

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Mami receives the report. Everyone waits with a sigh of breath. Abir keeps reports in the temple. This report is your decision for me. We will accept it like that. No one will try to upset Mishti or Kuhu on this. We should accept that fate is not written by humans but by gods. Masi assured her that everything would be alright. Abir read the report. He tells Mishti that she is going to be a mother. Everyone is thrilled. Kuhu goes to Kunal but she runs to hug her brother. Kuhu is in thoughts. Meenakshi tries to hug her son but she hugs Mishti. Masi congratulates them. Mishti hugs him. Mami also goes to him. Kuhu looks on sadly. Meenakshi Sias I got everything today. She gives her mother’s bangles to Mishti as a blessing. Kuhu feels bad. Mishti thanks Meenakshi they belong to Kuhu. We are together and are very happy because of that. Because of that we will have a child. Kuhu smiles. Meenakshi says I gave them to you. Mishti says they are mine now so I can give them. Meenakshi agrees. Mishti gives bangles to Kuhu. Thank you. Abir calls Kuhu the best brother. Mishti thanks Kunal he tells her that he doesn’t want anything else because everyone is so happy. Smile, sister-in-law. Mishti smiled. They celebrate with sweets.

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Mishit comes to her room. He is surprised to see it fully decorated with balloons and lights. He finds cute notes around the room. Till date I have always whipped my life for small things but from now on I will only say thank you. I will say love you life. He moves around the curtain. Abir comes from behind and catches him. He loves me and keeps it with him. She says this is the best day of my life. I really feel that I deserve this happiness. He finds her emotional. He says that I tried to tell jokes in front of everyone but I was scared. How could Kuhu jump from the balcony? I don’t remember when I was scared the last time. She says you will be a very protective father. He says that I was always against surrogacy. Anyway, our child is now Kuhu’s responsibility. I controlled myself this time but I will not be able to do so next time. He convinces her that it will not happen. I would otherwise show my Angry Chorni avatar. She takes the promise from him. She chases him around the room because


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