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& TV Serial Yeshu Episode Update 23 December 2020: King Herod Seeks His Men to Learn About Yesu

The episode begins with Mary and Joseph running for each household with their son. A divine light falls on them. Joseph knocks on the door and asks his brother to open the door. His brother opens the door and congratulates them on the child. Does Maria ask if this is a girl? Joseph says that he is a boy. Maria asks what happened to Mary, she did not see the decorum. Her brother says that we will celebrate in the evening. Maria asks that I also gave birth to a child, but she does not like him. Yusuf goes to Maria and reveals that he is happy with Yesu. He says that they have reached home with great difficulty and will not let any trouble come on him. King Herod arrives at the palace in his court. He sees that a man is not happy for him and presses him under his feet. He says that he is Herod the Great Emperor. The evil messenger/devil comes to Herod and asks him to call the astrologer first. The astrologer predicted that the king of kings is born today. The three kings come there and say that they are going to see the king of kings and seek his permission. Herod says that you are always welcome and asks soldiers to inquire about the boy.


Mary takes care of the child and sings a song for him. Joseph and his brother smile at him. Joseph’s brother asked him to look at him. Mary says that my son Yesu, as he keeps her in the cradle. His mother comes and tells that you have a son of God in your womb. The child places a hand on his grandmother’s head, making him feel blessed. Maria realizes what is not happening. Mary’s mother states that the Messenger told me that you were born to me, and that your birth will be a big reason. She says I did not tell you, but I did my duty. She says now it is your duty to fulfill your responsibility.

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Mary says that the messenger told me that the path will be difficult and I am sure that I will save my child from all the troubles, even if I have to be with him all the time. Does she say that if I do not fulfill my responsibility well? His mother tells him to trust God. The Kings arrive on the land of Yesu and feel blessed. They say how to find it. They see the divine light falling on a house and smile. They take the gift in their hands and start following the divine light. The people of King Herod follow him in simple clothes. The devil looks. The child Yesu smiles.

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