& TV Show Bhabhi Ji ghar Hai 21 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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& TV  Serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par hai 21 january 2021 Written Episode Update – all Episode Update

Anguri sings Aaj Tak song in her garden, in which Vibhu comes and asks her why she is so happy today and she replies that last night she spoke to Raju in the same way as he was outside my house but Vibhu stops her, saying that she is dead and how can he be outside your house outside this world and then she says that she was talking like humans. Vibhu asks her if this was true and then she says that I am feeling lighter now and then Vibhu asks her how it was talking to her, Anguri tells her that it was good that Rajas voice was in me. Was reaching which is fine.

Vibhu informs that she should talk to him every night, you should just tell him how much you love him and ask him to spend eternity together but she says that he is dead then we will have one for eternity How to live together Vibhu says who says she is dumb and then tells Anguri that she was right. Anguri then asks her to let him meet Guruji who gave her the idea but she says that she is very shy so she cannot meet him. Tiwari comes there sneezing on everyone and Vibhu asks if he drank cold water or someone poured water on it and then left.


Anita thinks Vibhu is loyal or not and Tiwari comes there and sneezes and seeing this, Anita asks him to stop overreacting and her problems were too much. Tikka Malkhan and Tillu arrive and Anita asks him what is the news and then they tell him that Vibha’s affair is going on completely and also tell that Vibhu and girl were liking each other in films but Anita asks for proof from them but Tillu states that we did not and now we are embarrassed. Tiwari slaps him and asks the reason and he says that his mobile camera is bad and he did not record any video. Apart from this, Vibhu and girl are also meeting tonight so we will record tonight when Anita will give him some money to fix her mobile and this will help us to reveal the truth. Anita asks Tiwari to give them the money and then the three leave from there.

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In Tshop, Tiwari and Vibhu look at each other and smile and celebrate each other. And when they drink tea and hang around with each other again, it’s good. They praise each other about their appearance and they drink their remaining tea and then leave.

At night, Anita and Vibhu sit in the bedroom and talk about Vibhu gas problem and then Anita gets distracted showing her wedding album and early wedding experiences. Anita starts flirting with him to stop him from talking on the phone and asks her to behave like all the extramarital affairs before marriage, but Vibhu gets frustrated, but Anita shows him anger and they fake They start flirting on the phone call and then refrain from talking. Vibhu pretends to sleep but Anita continues to talk without seeing him and after noticing she pretends to sleep and Vibhu checks that Anita Sleeping or not and then she gets out on the balcony. After seeing her, Anita calls Tikka and tells him to go and record meeting Vibhu and the girl and when the three of them come in a dress with Saxena wearing Saneh, they stop in their way and then Saxena gives them a hammer Started beating so that they stop messing around the night.

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