& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti Show Shutdown


Vibhu does the ironing Anitas Sari says that this lady bothers me a lot, my bad deeds bite me, I get upset, Anu calls Vibhu and asks what are you doing, Vibhu says that his Iron the saree, Anu says look, I dry your saree, Vibhu I really work hard to dry my saree, Anu says this is just a saree, and make a video call to me later When the saree is ironing. Helen says that this woman does not leave you alone even for a minute, Vibhu says if you left Dad alone, Helen says that she left me alone, Vibhu says because even you gave her Didn’t give place like Annu, I love my daddy, Helen was that when you were about to marry me, Vibhu says it was your responsibility that you didn’t do anything outside the world, says Helen and son Has no responsibility, argues Helen and Vibhu, Helen gets angry and leaves

Tiwari goes to Tilu at the stall and asks if all is well, Tilu says around 1500-2000 daily, Tiwari says it is short, Tilu says its only two days are cool, Tiwari says first Media people do not follow me, people start opposing me. In front of the stall, Tilu slowly walks out and joins the protesters, Tiwari asks why are you joining them, Tilu says I don’t want to be beaten, Master Tiwari is the one who supports an enemy country. The terrorist calls the FIR.

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Vibhu is practicing his argument by drinking alcohol, Prem tells him that we do not want to be too much on TRP.

Vibha show starts, all the people, who are in homes, watch it on television, Master Prem and Gupta in the panel, Vibhu says that he is under pressure from celebrities, ministers. Vibhu says that there is breaking news Saxena called and there were fresh activities from Zero Late Late which Saxena says. Vibhu asked Saxena what is the situation, Saxena said that today it is foggy, usually I get 2 lashes but in cold weather I get 6 lashes. Vibhu says I tell about the activities at Ground Zero, Camera Man Twist shows the women, Adil gets diverted by Camera Man, girls, Saxena tells him to concentrate and a pot filled with water It shows, Saxena says that the tunneling started from here and the other end is on the channel of the President of the neighboring country, a man goes to Saxena and addresses him and Vibhu says that the minister has asked the channel Stop as soon as possible and Saxena is taken to a mental hospital.


Tiwari drinks alcohol, Anguri says stop drinking something, Tiwari says you have something, Anguri says you are drunk against my religion, Tiwari says you are acting like I have COVID19 , Anguri says when will this virus bother us, but one day it goes away, this alcohol kills families, so leave it, Tiwari says you are right, today is my last day to drink, Anguri says , I listen to it 7-8 times a day. Vibhu goes to them, Tiwari congratulates him, Anguri ignores him, Vibhu apologizes to him, Tiwari says I am, the two start insulting each other in a way of apologizing and arguing They fall. Anguri says that these two Gods are very confused.

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Anu gives a call to Vibhu. Anu asks what did you do with the saree, Vibhu says that the saree is ready, Anu asks what is this design, anyway cut the pieces of this saree, we will use it as a wet cloth for cleaning , Move quickly. Vibhu says this is my karma.

Angoori cooking, Tiwari says that this fragrance pulled me closer, Angoori says fry the ladyfingers, Tiwari says fried puffs are not good for me, Angoori says cooked in mustard oil, From Bing Kohlu and contains lots of nutrition. Tiwari says you are very intelligent.