& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhu loses his job


Vibhu tries to convince Chaitrahim for the job, Vibhu says meet some boys, they will talk ill about me, Charitrin gets a call and she leaves.

Anguri sings in the garden, Vibhu goes to her, Anguri accidentally throws water at her, Vibhu falls, Anguri says I never understand you, Vibhu calls her an item, Anguri says thank you, Vibhu says I am teasing you, Anguri used to say this, I hate you and go inside crying.


Anguri cries inside Tiwari and tells him that Vibhu has teased her, Tiwari gets very angry now says that I will tease my wife, Anguri says don’t do anything, just do what she did Did wrong

Tiwari goes to Vibhu and scolds him, Vibhu says I will tease Eve, whoever will do it, Tiwari says I will file a complaint, Vibhu said that I go to court, I don’t care, Tiwari comes out Gone. David asks why did you do this, Vibhu says that my boss is characterless, now I even went to the boys for this, and if they fail I have Tiwari. David and Helen say that there is good planning.

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Master meets Saxena again and tells him that he is feeling apathetic, Saxena looks at his card and says that your old love is going to call you, Master gets the call and he becomes very happy . The boys reach there, Vibhu goes with them to Charitrin, the boys insult them, they go to Tiwari again, Tiwari insults them too, the boss says this is my character, the company is back in my hands And you lost your job. Vibhu asks Tiwari to help.

Tiwari and Vibhu see Anu talking spiritually, Vibhu and Tiwari get her kachauri, Vibhu says that Anu I get you Rasgulla, Anu says don’t tell me Anu, I am Goddess Satyavati now and I speak spiritually, Tiwari listens and walks with Kachori from here. There is some kachori, Anu says that it is food, there is potato, potato is always sacrificed in every dish, in this kachori there is blood of potato which is called silly, Vibhu says you should eat anything baby, Annu She says feed me food that is organic.


On buying the TV, Anu calls Anu with Meenal, Anu asks her to give up on these things, Vibhu goes to her and says that I had gone to find a job and am sorry for lying, and says that I have 1.5 lakh rupees, Anu said thanks God, they hear a news that the company is bankrupt, Vibhu feels that I have to do something else now.

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Tiwari shouts and Vibhu lay down on the couch holding the poison bottle, Anu gets nervous, Vibhu says I can’t live without you, Anu says that you love me very much. Vibhu says a lot, Anu says that I am not going anywhere, Tiwari finds one ambulance, Vibhu and Tiwi start dancing,