& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Angoori Chair Person of Dussehra Committee


Angoori does gardening, Vibhu goes to her and says that you love and care for them, I wish I were a plant too, Anguri says that I am imagining which flower plant you will grow, Vibhu She says that I will be a fruit loving fruit, and many fruits Anguri says that you talk so silly, how can any person bare so many fruits against science, Vibhu says that someone of love It is not science, Saxena and Gupta join them, Vibhu asks how you two toggers came, Saxena says that we are members of the Dussehra committee, Vibhu says how can I help you, Saxena says nothing We did a lot of research and you are good for nothing and we are here for Anguri Bhabhi, Angoori asks, Gupta says we are looking for a female member, Anguri says, I can’t ‘ T, Vibhu says that you should be the person you are entitled to for the chair, Anguri says I don’t know anything, Vibhu says that they don’t go for anything Nate, Seaman I insist, Saxena and Gupta also insist. Saxena says that you will give an example.

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Anguri goes to Tiwari and informs him of his chair. Gupta asks Vibhu what he is donating, Vibhu advises and leaves. Anguri invites Saxena and Gupta inside, Saxena rings the bell and gets an electric shock. Tiwari praises Gupta and Saxena for their initiative. Saxena asks Tiwari for donations, Tiwari says that okay, you are the person sitting in his chair, Gupta says that you will be happy with the money you donate, will be used to buy the statue of Ravana, Tiwari says you The bad guys are lost, Anguri calls Ammaji and tells him about Tiwari’s behavior. Amaji rebukes Tiwari from the speaker, and asks him to donate at least 51,000. Tiwari says okay.


Tiwari agrees to donate the money but has a condition that he will have to keep a banner of his shop as a sponsor and he will shoot Ravana and show it in the news

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Vibhu asks Helen what she thought she would do, Helen tells a doctor because you used to play a Doktor game a lot but then I saw your scars and realized that you will never be. Anguri walks in with Gupta and Saxena and tells him that she is now a chair person. Vibhu says mother inspired me, Helen says inspire herself too, Saxena says we are here for charity, Vibhu says good mother gave him 101, Gupta says paan The seller gave 101, Vibhu said give 501, Saxena says Dhobi gave that amount Anguri told him that Tiwari gave him 51000. Vibhu insults Tiwari, Saxena says that whoever pays more will get an opportunity to shoot Ravana. Vibhu says if I pay 52000 then I will get that chance, Gupta says that it is not possible, Anguri asks Gupta a lot and says yes to Angoori.

Saxena and Gupta meet the boys at the tea stall, the boys ask them about Ramleela, Malkan says we always take part in Ramleela, Gupta says you never saw, Teka says I was a tree, Tillu says that I was Lord Rambhakta, Malkan says that I was in. The main role was kicked by the ghost Lord Hanuman. Saxena says that we will upgrade your roles, Tillu will motorize you and Tikha will have more branches. Malkan asks do we want to be Ram or his brother, Saxena says you need deep knowledge of Ramayana, Teka says we do, Saxena says that today we are busy with committee members, we will be yours tomorrow Will test

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