&TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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&TV Serial Bhabhi Ji ghar Par Hai 22 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Anguri calls Raju, Vibhu says that Pat is asking her how she is doing, Anguri says I was waiting all day to talk to you, Vibhu recites a poem, Anguri says wow You can also recite a poem, such a lovely goat, Vibhu says I feel like your beloved neighbor Vibhu, I like him very much, Anguri says you know him too, Vibhu says he is the only one One who thinks of you as if I am the one, Anguri says that you are not my Raju and they take you inside heaven, Vibhu says that we are in discussion, and he said that if Anguri for 1.5 months If we talk, we will allow you, Anguri praises Tiwari, Vibhu abuses her and says that last time you knew she slapped me, now you do that too in front of everyone, Anguri says that I can’t, he’s my husband, Vibhu says slap him or kick him, but do it, Anguri says what’s wrong with you, Vibhu says it’s okay and Nor did he forcefully feed me once. Food Poisoning you do that too, otherwise the people of heaven will send me to hell and I don’t want to, Anguri is ok don’t bother I’ll feed him grass for breakfast tomorrow

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Tiwari asks Angoori for breakfast, Anguri gets him pakoras, Tiwari says that this leafy vegetable is pakora, but if you cook it it will be delicious, Anguri says before you punish me, Tiwari ji I will eat whatever you give me, cut Tiwari and eat it. Anguri asks what it is, and takes another bite and says that it is very confusing, Anguri calls her grass. Tiwari spits and shouts at him. Anguri calls her karma. Tiwari gets angry and leaves.

Vibhu is waiting for Tiwari to come out so that he can tease her, Tiwari comes out, Vibhu says if you went to the forest or park, there is grass on your lips, Tiwari says I did not, Vibhu says All are treated differently. Tiwari gets angry and leaves.


Tiwari goes to meet Anu, and tells her that Anguri gave her grass pakoras, Anu says I’m not in any mood, stop crying, Tiwari says that I was just trying to calm down , Anu says that my own stress is to swear on you and she will tell the truth. Tiwari says good idea and leaves. TMT walks in, Anu asks where the video is, Tilu says we were about to record, but the camera is not working but we have her photo, Anu looks at the photo and says oh my god is so ugly , Malkan says you are very right, she was very ugly, Anu further says that this photo, I will kill this girl and Vibhu I will not leave her, Tilu said calm down. TMT holiday.

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Tiwari goes to Angoori, and tells me the truth, why did you throw water on me and feed me grass, Anguri says that I am not lying and if you think I am ready to take any punishment, then Tiwari says come here. Tell me more truth about God, Anguri tells that Raju asked me to do this, and told the whole truth. Tiwari scolds Anguri for his stupidity and Vibhu is fooling him, Tiwari says I will show you the proof.

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Vibhu asks Angoori to walk with Raju, Anguri and Tiwari, Anu walks in front of her, Tiwari says look at her shit, he was fooling my wife, she was harassing her goats, she too It was closed, Anu says how do you believe it, Anguri says she made fun of my feelings, Anu asks Vibhu why did you do this, Vibhu says I want to share my pain, Anu says Is that sweet, Anguri says sorry, Tiwari says why do I have to drag it in, Vibhu says because you were behind lying about my wife, Anu says why didn’t you tell me, Vibhu says That mommy always says don’t show your good deeds and kindness, Anu says my minor Vibhu but the girl who is TMT with you told me, Vibhu says tell them to get her, Anguri thanks Vibhu.

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Spying TMT, Tillu says that I think we are near Vibhu Ghar, no one will catch us, Saxeni Ma goes to them and they run away.

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