& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28 January 2021 Written Episode Update – all Episode Update

Tiwari said, Anguri says that I have milk so I have added dates so that you can gain strength. Tiwari says that you are very romantic. Tiwari says that this deity is the deity, Anguri started singing, Tiwari shouted at her and said that I am very worried, just go to sleep, Angoori does not say at all, such beautiful weather last night goes to the balcony And it rains too, even God wants us to spend romantic time, Tiwari says not in the balcony, Anguri says come near the window, Vibhu looks at Tiwari and Angoori and Tiwari in the window says Supari bhai Hai and says that you want to spend romantic time in the rain, Tiwari says that Angoori I think there is a gas leak in the kitchen, Angoori goes out, Vibhu talks to Tiwari as a betel brother and cuts the call. Hai, Anguri comes back, Tiwari shouts at her.

bhabhi ji ghar par hai

Vibhu looks at Anitas magazine and says that he reads such stupid magazines and ruins his mind, Angoori goes inside, Vibhu congratulates him, Anguri says that I fed you kheer, and you see this magazine Also, Vibu feels that this is a good time to read this magazine. And say this is a good way to wish your wife and I have read a very good article that says if a woman wants to know if her husband really loves her or not, There is a fake fall on the street and see if her husband goes to her or not. If he does not make much effort then there is definitely some mistake. Anguri says that I will do it immediately.

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Anguri walks out and deliberately falls on the road, TMT goes to her, Anguri says no one will touch me only Tiwari will help me and call her, Tiwari goes to her and she gets Vibhu’s call that Supari The brothers are warning him about death, Tiwari gets scared and tells TMT to pick him up, Anguri says you come and pick me up, Tiwari gets a rope and says grab it and come , Anguri gets angry and gives up crying.

Anguri cries alone saying that Tiwari does not love her, Vibhu goes to her and says that you are just a maid near her, Anguri starts crying loudly, Vibhu says I have one more last test, Anguri. Asks, Vibhu says that you want him to go see a romantic movie with him and he says that no you don’t know what to do.

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Tarti asks Tiwari for food that he is very hungry, Tiwari says that you eat a lot, if you eat so much that you will sleep, it is better you stay alert and protect me, Anguri goes to Tiwari Is and says that a very good film is going to be let it go, my favorite actor is the lead, Tiwari says that later, Angoori says it never comes later, Tiwari says everything is a time Try an understanding, TMT tries to convince Tiwari to take Angoori to the film, Tiwari asks him to have a mummy, in Vibhu Chalata, Anguri cries, Vibhu asks what is wrong, Tiwari says I’m in danger and she wants me to take her to the movies, Vibhu says it’s complicated, Tiwari says take her and please go, Vibhu says I agree with 5000, Tiwari says That is here 200 will give rest later.

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Vibhu and Anguri in films, Vibhu says look, I got corner seats, Anguri says that there are many mosquitoes, Tiwari also uses them to get these tickets and goes to sleep, Vibhu says, I am not used to it, Angoori says because you are a block buster film, Vibhu says I will come back and call Tiwari as Supari Bhai and scare him and his battery goes dead, and sees a beggar from the phone and takes his phone Takes, his betrothed brother and not beggar, Vibhu unknown.

Vibhu told Manhor that I think I can become ACP, the commissioner says that you can be a sergeant too and Supari Bhai is alive. He is walking around as a beggar and if you don’t find him I suspend you. Will do it.

Drinking TMT, Tilu says that Anu Bhabhi called home for a poetry session, Tika says that she also called me, Malkan gets a call from Anu, Anu says that I have called Malkan tart and tilu and I have written a poem, please come for the stories, TMT is fine Anu says and if you don’t come, I will bring a gun to your place, TMT got scared.

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