& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Episode Update on 15 December 2020: Vibhuti wrote the story of Chandralekha

Vibhu wrote the Chandralekha story and said let me give her a background as she belongs to a beautiful village in Andhra Pradesh, and she was very beautiful and all the boys were crazy for her, but she loved Thakur Vibhuti Singh and He left her as well but the watchman Manmohan Tiwari did not like their relationship and had a bad look at Chandralekha. Once Thakur Vibhuti Singh leaves the city for a crore business deal and Chowkidar Tiwari takes advantage of this situation and attacks Chandralekha and exhausts her to force her to affinity, Chandralekha poisons herself. Is, but does not let her touch and warns her that she will come back. Tiwari, Anguri and Vibhu feel the strong wind. Chandralekha laughs.

Anguri next day sees Vibhu talking to Tulsi plant and asks him what is wrong, Vibhu says I did not notice you, Anguri says you were talking to Tulsi plant, Vibhu says That we writers are different, Angoori asks that you finish your story. Im writing a true story of Chandralekha, Gupta goes to her and says don’t try this, Vibhu asks that, Gupta says you don’t know anything about him, Vibhu says that I know very little and I will write the rest based on my imagination, Gupta tells Vibhu that Chandralekha does not like to lie about her story and said that her soul is around and whoever plays with her story and lies. Kills him, Anguri is scared. Vibhu says that Bhabhiji does not believe her and I am a writer, I am not afraid of anyone and Bhabhiji is not worried about just getting ready, Anguri asks what will Tiwari say about it, Vibhu says Siou Just prepare I’ll manage it.

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Vibhu writes his story at the tea shop, the boys go to him and make fun of him, Vibhu insults him and asks him to leave, Vibhu says to write the story and soon I will become a world famous TV serial writer , The boys beg him for the role. Vibhu asks if he can act, Tikha says we do a lot of work just give us a chance, Vibhu says good way, and I will give you such lines that everyone will be named on your tongue.

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Vibhu in writing Tiwari’s story, Anguri says, Today my respect has increased for you, Vibhu says to discuss your character, Anguri says, Vibhu says that Chandralekha is a very innocent girl who cries . Anguri says I die in starting myself, Vibhu says that your part will start after you die, you are a ghost, Anguri says if I look ugly, why did you make me a ghost, Tiwari says Are that you should trust it. Vibhu says that I appreciate her beauty more then anyone here, she is the most ghostly. Anguri says I liked her vision, says Tiwari, but I don’t understand and that’s why I don’t allow Angoori, Vibhu says even you won’t be part of the important role, Bhabhiji doesn’t tell you Are, Tiwari says that is very interested but loves to hear about it. Vibhu says that you will be the security in-charge of the Thakurs’ palace and his name is Tiwari. He suits your personality, Tiwari asks what role are you playing. Vibhu Thakur says Vibhuti Singh. Tiwari says it is unfair, on one hand you make me guard and on the other you romance my wife, Vibhu says that there will be character and you don’t have a noble personality, I can’t imagine you, you are a Looks like a conductor or tea seller, and yes your role is small, but the most important and we will make Chandralekha the most romantic ghost story.

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At the tea stall and above the digital flex Chandralekha and listening to them, Vibhu narrated Chandralekha’s love story. Chandralekha thinks that I will not leave her. Prem says I liked your story but I need a hot item song from Chandralekha, Vibhu says I’m sorry, he doesn’t know, Prem says because Bhabhiji is playing it and I’m the producer so she dances Will do. Chandralekha did a prems accident

Skilled in writing Vibhu, Helen approaches him and scares him. Helen gets irritated and later says give me a role too, Vibhu says sorry casting is full, Helen says I am your mother, Vibhu says I am having a tea please, Helen tells me to get a role first two.

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The doorbell rings, Vibhu opens the door and asks who it is, she says Chandralekha, Vibhu is scared, David starts laughing. Helen and Vibhu scold her, David says that tarnish this block and all my assets will be yours.

Tiwari sleeps, he wakes up due to an uneasy stomach and goes to the washroom, Chandralekha goes to Angoori and has him. Tiwari walks out and sees Angoori sitting on the bed with a covered face, he removes the blanket and thinks Angoori is all asleep and she is sleeping properly and goes to the bathroom again, Anguri again She sits on the bed.


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