& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Episode Update On 21 December 2020: Angoori and Tiwari Insult Bhorilal

At Ammaji’s call Angoori, Amaji told Angoori that its time is for her grand kids and for this Pandit Rampal has given a solution and it is very difficult and promise me that you will definitely do this and this will give you your father Bhurilal To insult you and more you will insult the intelligent child you will get, Anguri says I cannot, Amaji said that you promise, Anguri says that he is my father, Amaji says that this is your Is for children and you don’t mean it, Anguri asks Tiwari to listen to it too, Amaji tells him the solution and asks them to do it.

Anguri says that she can start crying, Tiwari says that I also cannot insult it, although he insults me, but even he will like Grandpa, Anguri says that he is for this Keeps asking, Tiwari says then we have to say Pandit Rampal.

Helen counts the money, David says give me something too, Helen says you keep talking about London money, now David says that my wife gave me a penny, and what would you do, Helen She says I will do something. He’s left half-hearted so give him something, David says don’t spoil him, he’ll be more lazy, Helen says like you brothers. Vibhu comes in, Helen asks H to massage her feet, Vibhu refuses, Helen asks to get sandwiches, Vibhu refuses, Vibhu says you are two teenagers. David says she was going to give you 10,000 ₹, Vibhu says mummy is all you need, Helen says make me a peg, Vibhu runs to make her a peg and asks David to get herself .

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While gossiping about Vibhu Anu, she sees Bhurilal and congratulates him, Bhurilal says that you love me very much, and so I have decided to give you some money from my property, I am a land owner. Will win the case and win 50 crores and 25 rupees. Tiwari and Anguri and the remaining 25 of that 5k I will give you, Vibhu says repair your scooter with it and do you really think that they love you very much. David says that my daughter loves me very much and Tiwari is not that bad, Vibhu says that it is a bad world. Bhurilal says that you have said a deep thought, Vibhu says go test, say you are bankrupt, you will know, Bhurilal says that I trust my upbringing, and goes inside.

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Anguri tells Tiwari that he has insulted Daddu, Tiwari says if you want children to do so. Bhurilal walks in and asks how she is doing, Angoori says good and you, Bhurilal says I lost crores, tell me about you, Angoori says you don’t look good, Tiwari asks when you You are going, Bhurilal gets angry, both Tiwari and Angoori insult him. Anguri says that she is my husband who talks to her with respect and leaves. Bhurilal says that there are some fish here, Tiwari insulted him and left.

Anguri calls Ammaji and tells that she is in a dilemma, Ammaji asks that, Angoori says that Daddu is here, Amaji says don’t insult her, make her feel comfortable, for her children, Anguri says Is ok i will try

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Gupta says they are afraid to appoint boys for NGO, boys say don’t worry that we will take care of old and women, Gupta says this is not a joke, so do it diligently, master says Are you wishing that you now have work and if you work hard this NGO will work well. The boys say that biw TMT are here. There will be no old trouble. Vibhu walks in and says that you are going to be an angel, the boys ask if, Vibhu says, this is why we celebrate Christmas and based on that there is no show on & TV.

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Bhurilal asks Tiwari for the newspaper, Tiwari says read it tomorrow, Vibhu walks in and congratulates Bhurilal, Vibhu asks Anguri and Tiwari, Anguri says yes, Vibhu gets some snacks at uncle’s place. , Anguri says okay and leaves. Vibhu asks Bhuri Lal why he is looking worried, he says that everything is fine, Anu, Vibhu said that she is doing Ashwamedha drama everyday, today she is returning from the ashram, Angoori to Tiwari and Vibhu Samosa is found, Vibhu introduces Bhorilal, Anguri says he has already eaten, Bhorilal says I do not say, Tiwari says he eats and forgets, Bhorilal feels that anyone Did not insult the bad.


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