& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Episode Update on 23 November 2020: Story of Johnny Joker


Seeing the news, Angoori, the reporter talks about Jhoni Joker, who entertained about 4 million people and then ruined his career in gambling, and debt and died, Angoori gets emotional, and starts crying. , Says I wish I could help him, Tiwari asks what is wrong, Anguri says that Joni Joker died, I was a big fan of his, he used to come to my hometown, Joker is the true artist who Entertain people, Tiwari says why are you crying, Anguri says that my fav artist has died, Tiwari says let us be romantic here, Anguri says sleep.

Vibhu gets drunk, sits near the cemetery and drinks, a man goes to him and says don’t cry, people have to go, what is your relationship with Jhonni Joker, Vibhu says who is the man who is in the grave The pass says in which you have to sit, Vibhu says that I don’t know him, the man says why are you crying, Vibhu says that this world has insulted me, made fun of him, the man says that my The same happened with me because I was unemployed and then working for this security guard. Vibhu tells her his story, that this morning…

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Sharpening a story, a shrill Tilu Malkan said that a monkey took off his clothes, everyone was laughing, Tiwari says that once I and Vibhu had come to the party of the wife of Prems and Vibhu was wearing a red shirt and a The bull attacks him, everyone starts laughing, Prem says Vibhu is a clown of this colony, Vibhu walks from there, Tiwari and the boys make fun of Vibhu and humiliate him, Vibhu says that I am a clown Am not

The security guard says that you have been in this week, Vibhu says that it is not a small thing, there is more …


Vibhu goes to Angoori, Anguri says that I am upset, don’t bother me, Vibhu asks why Angoori is a big fan of Jhonki Joker, I am a big fan of her, Angoori says whenever I see you, you laugh Ho and Jhanki remind you of Joker to cry. Vibhu feels bad.

Vibhu tells the security guard that he feels that his mother did not think of him the way the world thinks and so went home and there…

Helen and David drink alcohol, David says you have become very addictive, Helen says that because of you, David says enjoy your drink, Helen says shut up, David says Ahuti Has taught everyone to drink alcohol, Helen says she ruined my baby, David says she was ruined since childhood, Helen says she wasn’t bright, but Ahuti makes her lazy, David says While I caught Vibhu drinking in the 5th grade, Helen says that while going on a tour but this unemployed child, Vibhu hears that Helen says God doesn’t give such a useless child.

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The security guard starts listening to Vibhu’s story and says that this world has treated me badly and that’s why I came here, I pray to keep the ghosts with me and then rule the world, Vibhu says that this has made me innocent Gave the idea, and now Joni the Joker.

In the morning Vibhu meets Anguri, Anguri asks what is wrong, Tiwari joins them and humiliates her again, Vibhu says that now is my bad time, Tiwari says that your time was never good, Anguri says go to some baba or tantrik, I think there is a ghost issue, Saxena asks where is the ghost, Tiwari says Vibhu, Saxena says she is human and Ramkali says how are you , Girls, Anguri says how dare you call Ammaji, Saxena says that there is talk of ghost dancing behind you, Angoori even I want to see that Saxena actually says that I have studied a lot Having done and prayed for this, Tiwari asks how many ghosts are there, Saxena counts and says 25 here. Vibhu says do you think everybody is crazy, Saxena says forget me why you were sleeping at the tomb of Jhoki Jokers last night, Tiwari says forget it and pull Angoori inside.

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At the tea stall, Tiwari and the boys, the security guard asks for tea, Tiwari says that you are alive, and where did you go, he says there is a cemetery, Malkan says that suits you, he says I have one. Sathi is Vibhuti, Tiwari asks why is he there? , He says that Vibhu is now a ghost, I have seen him holding him, the boys get nervous, and say that last night he got drunk and the puffy clown started crying in the grave and the clown got emotional and he had, The boys and Tiwari get scared and say we can’t believe it, the guards say come let’s give you live footage.