& TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Episode Update on 28 December 2020: Mishra’s decision for Triv Tiwari

& TV Serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Episode Update On 28 December 2020 Angoori does gardening, Vibhu welcomes her and jumps around with her, Anguri says I don’t understand anything, Vibhu says how are you, Anguri says good, Master goes to them and says we are new Celebrating the year and there will be a party here and for charity, Vibhu says I will give for this year and to go next year, Master left, Vibhu asks Anguri what his thoughts are, Anguri Nothing says, Prem, walks in and asks them that Tiwari has returned from his scooter, Tiwari comes and dodges Vibhu. Prem scolds Tiwari, Vibhu is calm and normal in front of Anguri.

David tells Helen to show me his hand, and says that I have studied palmistry, so show me, Helen says if you fuck I will kill you, Vibhu walks away hurt, Helen asked What is wrong, Vibhu tells them, David says if it was foreign country we will sue Tiwari for millions, Helen says it is a good idea Vibhu, Vibhu says I am fine, Helen says pain Happened later and it’s a good deal, Vibhu agrees.

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Tiwari reads his astrology and tells Anguri that he will earn the written money today, and on this fateful day, David and Helen go on crying, Tiwari asks what is wrong, Helen says that this Tiwari has told me The children’s feet hurt and his feet are useless and it’s all due to Tiwari, Tiwari says, but he was fine, Helen says the pain came later, Helen keeps crying, David says Stop crying, Tiwari says I don’t believe, David says see for yourself.


Vibhu, Tiwari and Anguri see her in a wheelchair, Anguri asks Vibhu what is it, Vibhu says she asked me her husband, Helen blames Tiwari, Tiwari says I don’t forgive, Anguri She says that poor girl is in a lot of pain, Tiwari tells greedy people and goes with Angoori

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Anguri, scolding Tiwari, goes to Ammaji and scolds Tiwari and says that this man and his future is always in the dark, and Pandit Rampal told me that he will be prosecuted for crores, Tiwari says who I am Which is behind me, but I will get it checked. By the doctor.

At TMT Tea Stall, Gupta stole Tilas Lado and ate it and said I saved you, I took a sample of your blood and it says that you are of high diabetes, Tilu says because we are sweet people, Gupta It says its death is an alarm, so be cautious, Malkan says to save us, Tilu asks how can we save ourselves, Gupta says go out and work, avoid drinking alcohol and food. Malkhan says okay. Tillu says now we understand.

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Leaving TMT, Tiwari goes to Gupta and tells him that he needs immediate help and explains the whole scenario. Gupta examines Vibhu, Gupta asks Vibhu how you felt when he smacked you, Vibhu says that I feel like my legs are leaving me, Tiwari says he was lying and He was fine, Gupta checks further and says that Vibhu is handicapped, Tiwari gets angry. Gupta said that your legs are fine, I understood that you are fooling Tiwari so my Share the benefits,


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