&TV Show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Episode Update on 9 December 2020: Vibhuti took money from Tiwari in the name of being lucky

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Vibhu sees Chacha eating chips, David asks Vibhu to ask Tiwari if he arranges drinks again, Vibhu says you will do something and why would I do everything, David says don’t fuck , Ask Tiwari, Vibhu says show patience, David says I can’t control in the evening, Tiwari walks with a bottle of wine, Vibhu asks what it is, David says so we can drink and Tiwari Ask them to make pegs and they both drank, David says, you are very good at heart, Vibhu like Tiwari says that the world can call them unemployed, Vibhu says it is new, what do you want, Tiwari Say I am opening a new unit and I want you to inaugurate, I just touch you, Vibhu I know you are here to make me jealous and to show you how much you are in your business Good, Vibhu says get lost

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Anguri feeds Tommy, Tiwari says why do you take her to the bedroom, Anguri says she is hungry, let her eat food and then she will leave, Tiwari says I want to tell you something, Mary The new project file is not ready to touch Vibhu and she is my lucky Kabutar, Anguri says what do you ask me to do, Tiwari says that she has refused me but you respect me a lot and you don’t mind do.

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Angoori in the garden, Vibhu goes to her, Anguri requests her to touch the file, Vibhu says that if people come to know about my golden touch, everything will follow me, Anguri says that I can I’ll keep a secret, you don’t believe me, Vibhu says it’s okay just for you.


David tells Vibhu, not to throw tantrums in front of Tiwari, Tiwari goes inside, Vibhu asks why is here, Tiwari says that my land deal is fixed and I have got its registry here and You want to touch it with your lucky hands. Vibhu says what will I gain, Tiwari says 5000 / – here, Vibhu said it is an insult, Tiwari says there are 10000, Vibhu says I want 20000, Tiwari says it will be very less, Vibhu says take your money and leave. Tiwari left. David and Helen get angry, Vibhu says stop and look. Tiwari walks in and gives 20,000 to Vibhu.

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Anguri in the kitchen, Vibhu comes to her with a gift and says that I have got some bangles for you, Saxena looks at Vibhu near the kitchen window and approaches him and bites his bum, Vibhu painfully Shouts and runs away.

David tells Vibhu in the bedroom that if Tiwari comes to know about the truth then he will stop giving money, Vibhu says stop talking all this and I have an idea to work on monthly salary, Vibhu asks David When will he go to London, David says that your aunt has dumped me so I will be here.

Tart pays at the tea stall and asks for 3 special teas, Malkan says I dream of a night of being a millionaire, Tilu says I dream the same but no dream has come true, A man walks up to them, Tilu asks who are you, he says John, he says I want a doggie for my circus, Tillu says there are too many in Kanpur, John says I have something different If you do, I will give you a lot of money, Malkan says that we have a Saxena, Tilu is a good idea. Teka asks John if he would like a human dog, John says I will pay 1 crore for such a dog.

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