Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

TV Show Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Meet Virat, an IPS Officer

In Gadchiroli, Sai climbs a tree hanging on a rock and creeps over it, flowers on it and comes back down. The two children discuss why Saeedi Didi is risking her life for flowers. Sayi says that her father / Aba has pilgrimage today and she gets flowers for Mahadev. She offers flowers and belpatras to Mahadev and requests Mahadev for the long and prosperous life of Aba. She describes how she cleared her medical entrance exam and that Aba retired early, she is shifting to Nagpur with Aba as her medical college is in Nagpur. She takes a protective thread for Aba. Aba prepares modak at home. His sister asks why he is cooking food on his birthday. Aba says that she likes it because his wife Alka used to prepare it on her birthday when she was alive.


Sai bicycles home with friends of his child. Friends ask if she is really shifting to Nagpur, she shouldn’t. The goons surround her by calling her sister-in-law. The senior goon gets on his jeep and he tells Say that he is going to Nagpur, but he must remember that he is in his destiny and should forget to become a doctor and stay back here. He continues his clown and shows the big poster of Sai. Sayi smiles and says that if that is her fate, she wants to write something on her forehead. He was moved with shame. She writes LOSER on her forehead. All his junior goons were under stress. She says excitedly that she must have written LOVER. She says yes and leaves with the children. Nguyen says that he will go directly to the tattoo artist to have the lover inscribed on his forehead. Juniors suggested him not to go there.

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At home, Aba / Kamal Joshi gets emotional seeing a photo of Alka wearing his inspector’s uniform and asks why he left her alone, unable to raise Sai alone and become her mother. Saye enters and says that she cannot be a mother because she is a father and says that he is her betrothed friend. Aunty enters and says that Aba prepared modaks for her. She tastes and says that these are as delicious as Mother used to prepare. She ties a protective thread around Aba’s wrist. They sit for breakfast. She tells Aba that it is good that she takes early retirement and can be shifted to Nagpur with her, she did duty for so many years and now some poor comrades should leave. Aba says the new officer is ACP Virat, who is from the Amir and promising Nagpur family and trained under him.

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In Nagpur, at Virat’s house, the postman sends the letter which his cousin Mohit receives and shows his overacting as a drama artist. The postman asks to stop his play as he does not have much time. Mohit gives a letter to Virat’s father Mahesh who is exercising and is happy to read Virat’s first posting letter. He makes his sister-in-law Badima excited about Virat’s posting. He is thanking God. Younger brother Omkar goes ahead, and Mahesh says that Constable Omkar should be proud that his nephew became ACP and his first posting letter arrived. Wife Sakshi joins them and serves tea to Badima. Badima says that she is older than this house and will bless Virat first. Sakshi said that she gives a good upbringing to Virat and she knows to respect the elders. Mahesh sent a servant to call Virat. Virat is seen playing football and winning games before reaching home. At home, Mohit and his wife Karishma dance and celebrate. Once Virat reaches home, Mohit hugs and congratulates him. Omkar greets him, and he greets back. Mahesh shows him the letter. Sakshi removes aarti. Badima goes inside. Virat touches her feet, and she performs aarti with Sakshi. She says that her husband and Tauji of Viraj, the late Nagpur DCP Nagesh Chavan, would be proud of her today and when she achieved a big milestone in life, Nagesh bought her a gold coin for Virat. She says today is the day. Virat says that this gold coin is his gold medal and he will keep it forever. He hugs Sakshi, saying that he touched Badima’s feet because he respects her and hugs the mother as he loves her. Omkar asks where is his posting. He says Gadchiroli. Virat says that the place is full of crime and criminals. Badima said that Virat bleeds DCP Nagesh and he is also brave like his uncle. Once the posting letter is found, he reminds her of Gadchiroli’s promise to go to the Shiva temple. Virat agrees.

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In Gadchiroli the goon goes to the tattoo artist and asks him to engrave the lover on his forehead as Say wrote. The artist reported that Sayi wrote the necklace on his forehead. Seeing this, the goons get angry. At home, Sai plans Aaba’s birthday party and arranges cakes and guests. Once Aura returns home from duty, they all hide. Once Aba returns home from duty, they all hide. She gets goon’s message that she did wrong by writing loser on his forehead, but he is not angry on her and will do something else instead. She gets worried for Aba.


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