TV Show Ishq mein Marjawan 2 October 5, 2020 Written episode


The episode begins with Riddhima saying thank you. What does a lord ask for? He takes her. Ishani says that Riddhima probably died. She opens the door and says that she survived and escapes. Anupriya says that she must have seen the worst day of her life. Ishani says that I hate Riddhima because I married that servant, why do you hate him, are you hiding anything. Anupriya says you overthrow, you are my daughter, I care about you, your plan has failed. Dynasty asks what is this all about, are you okay? He wipes his sweat. Dil tera bina… .play… He wonders why I saw the dynasty in pain. He says who did it, whoever wants your bad will be the last mistake of his life, just tell me his name. Riddhima feels that Ishani had a Kada / Kangan, that means she was behind it.

Ishani says that we have cleaned the room, now Riddhima has no proof against us, but the secret you are hiding, I am your daughter, will you not tell me the reason behind this hatred, otherwise you will tell me Do not give it hard. . Anupriya says give it back to me. Ishani says who asks for such gifts back. Anupriya holds her hand and says I returned it. Riddhima says that it was not due to anyone’s mistake, I thought everyone should have barbecue, coal fell down, I was stupid. He says what was the need to cook. He receives the ointment and asks May…. shook her head. She heals her feet. Desire in love…….

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He says that sometimes a little carelessness can harm our lives, sit here, I will get bandaged. He goes. She says I don’t know that Ishani will harm me, I think Anupriya is also involved in this, Ishani is not alone in this plan, I know she is hiding a big secret, I will find out and uncover her . Ishani says tell me the secret, I’ll return to Kada. Anupriya says give it back to me. Ishani says that you can tell the dynasty if you want something secret. Grandma arrives and asks what the secret is. Anupriya says that she was asking secrets to stay fit during pregnancy. Dadi says that there is no need to think about this gesture, go and bring tea. Is duped.

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Anupriya gets a call from Kabir. Grandma asks that K. Who says Anupriya, she gets a call from the office, they get upset after office hours, drinking juice. Chanchal says that the men went out, why don’t we watch a good movie. Grandma says that I will sleep with Ishani today, to take care of her, not Angre at home. Riddhima gets prasad. Dadi says I kept a pooja for Ishani’s child. Riddhima makes offerings to Ishani. Ishani thinks that you will never mess with me now. Riddhima feels that I will know the secret tonight. Anupriya thinks that I know you will find the secret, the worst will happen to you.


Dadi asks Chanchal to cut watermelon for Riddhima. She gets fruit for Ishani. The fickle gets upset. She goes to answer. Anupriya injected watermelon. She says when you eat this watermelon, Riddhima you will forget to breathe peacefully. Riddhima goes to Ishani’s room. Chanchal seeks Riddhima. She says let him stay in the bathroom. He holds a plate of watermelon and goes away. Riddhima thinks sorry grandmother, I have to do this to reach the secret. She takes some cutters to cut harder. Dynasty comes out of the bathroom and sees the chopped watermelon. Grandma wakes up. Riddhima hides. Grandma says there is none. She sleeps.

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He gets the key. He goes and hides the equipment. She says that I am just one step away from the mystery. Anupriya puts a wire. Riddhima left the key. Anupriya caught the key. She says that you think you are too clever, this is the last warning, there is danger around you.

She injects the plant and says that maybe you are at this plant’s place. She thinks what Anupriya was saying. Wansh asks where did you go with this melon plate. She says that I went for a walk, but I could not find it. He says that maybe Grandma sent it, come, let it be done. He sees a blue mark on a piece of watermelon. She thinks that Anupriya added liquid to this fruit for me. He throws watermelon out of Vance’s hand and says you can’t eat it, it has poison, do you feel okay, tell me, difficulty breathing. He coughs. She worries.