Kasautii Zindagii Kay watched the TV show Star Plus on Sep 11, 2020 Update: Prerna Threesomes Comolica

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That episode begins with Samidha’s inspirational thinking. FB shows Samidha running to meet to give Durga Maa’s pick. Prerna says promise me, you did not risk your life. Samidha says promise, always keep this chunri, you will not get into problems. She embraces inspiration. FB ends. Prerna feels that I can do anything for her. Komolika asks Nivedita to check the file. Nivedita says her right, but what about Anurag, if he knows. Komolika says that she would be angry to learn that we had asked for 51 percent shares from Prerna, she was upset about the demolition. Prerna listens to them and gets shocked. Nivedita says that Anurag would never want Prerna’s project share to come to us, she would get upset, she would ruin herself but she would help Prerna. Komolika says that they ruined ourselves and our business, we suffered many losses, its time we covered these necklaces, it did not go unnoticed, I should handle the motivation.

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Inspiration goes away. Komolika says that when the time comes, I will handle Anurag. She goes and files Prerana. She says I knew you would sign these papers. Prerna signs the papers. Komolika asks Nivedita to learn from her. She says you think of her big sacrifice, it can ruin her, just imagine, if this magazine gets an article that inspiration has fallen from the sky to the ground, now I will get the prize, I am 51 I am a percentage share holder, I have changed the game. Prerna says that for me this is the best deal, love and peace, I don’t think you understand it. Komolika says that I will send you a copy. Prerna says it is not easy, give me the orphanage papers and you can get these papers. Komolika says that you are fast, otherwise how would you become Bajaj from Basu. She asks Nivedita to get the orphanage papers. She asks Mohini to give tea to Prerna. Prerna says black coffee. The siren goes.

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Komolika says that when I saw you in my husband’s arms, I decided to demolish the ashram, I tried to convince you, you fought me. They start arguing. Prerna says that if you and Anurag try to harm the children, you don’t know what I will do, you will regret it. Komolika says that you look very cute when you say, look at me, I am Anurag’s wife, now stay away from her, it will be better for you. Prerna says that I hate Anurag, you keep him, congratulations, if I get stuck in such a situation, it is not going to happen. Mohini brings coffee. Prerna asks if you are not getting cookies Mohini says it is over. Nivedita gives the orphanage papers. Inspiration gives the deal file. She examines the orphanage papers. Komolika smiled.

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Anurag is on the way. The manager calls him and reminds him of the meeting. Anurag says, I think we should invest in clothes, you go ahead, Nivedita is coming, she will start the meeting. He looks for a place to park his car. Mr. Bajaj comes there. Anurag shouts just look at it. Mr. Bajaj gets off the car. They begin to argue for a parking space. Mr. Bajaj says that I think there is another reason for anger. Anurag says that you know that I am angry, you are showing as if nothing has happened. Mr. Bajaj says that I have the courage to accept the truth, do you have the courage to accept that you are hiding your reality, that you can fall so low and take help from someone whom you have for 8 years Used to hate, it’s easy to love someone, but it’s hard to respect what you love. Anurag says that I like to sleep, see my car is standing well, it was always my place, I do not show my authority over my things, which I will show, I know my place, I do not watch it . The words of others, if someone has my thing, I do not leave it, I will take my thing back from you, it is not yours, it will always be mine. Mr. Bajaj says that I understood what gold is, let me explain someday. Anurag goes.

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Prerna recalled the words of Komolika and Nivedita, Anurag’s words. She thinks if she didn’t want my sign then why did she save me, what was the reason, she could leave me to die, why did she try to kill me, I have to find out. The manager congratulates Mr. Bajaj and asks him to check the signal. Mr. Bajaj remembers the words of Anurag. He thinks what he was trying to say, why I do not understand. He thinks he was talking about sleep, he meant that I have snatched up inspiration, she wants inspiration back, her dream will not be fulfilled, I can never give back inspiration, she is just my Is safe with. Anurag watches the presentation. He says that black signifies darkness and red signifies love. He thinks about inspiration.