TV Show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag reveals Prerna to the truth

kasautii zindagii kay

The episode begins with Komolika calling Gunday and asking if Prerna died. Once we work, Goen says we will call you. She says why won’t you leave Anurag, we will be happy. Prerna says that you are lying. Anurag says that when you went to the farmhouse to take a closer look at me and Komolika, Mr. Bajaj found you there, so that you are hurt and leave, you forget me, I had already talked to Mr. Bajaj, he took you to London, it was a plan for Comolica, so I told him…. FB calls Anurag an inspiration and I love each other, we are one, I am ready to give you anything, I can work as an employee in your office, please do not separate us. She says that is not possible. Mr. Bajaj says that he is clever, you can do something, that inspiration starts hating you. Anurag says that Prerna loves me, she knows that I love her, she won’t believe it, she knows that I am helpless, the last time I married you, I was inspired Had to save the house, was the motivation agreed, no. Kill her if she says

Anurag shouts, then kill him. Mr. Bajaj says she is not saying wrong, we are not asking you to kill her, she should feel that you can kill her, push her down the bridge, I promise I will save her . Anurag says that she cannot live like this. Komolika says that be it jail or London, just decide. Mr. Bajaj says, trust me, you can save him like this. Anurag says I trust you. Komolika says that you make sure that you kill her to get Mr. Bajaj’s money, the child will reach the orphanage, my job is, Mr. Bajaj should take the child from there, they will leave for London. Mr. Bajaj says that this is the only way to save inspiration. FB ends. Prerna says no, Mr. Bajaj cannot be a part of this plan. Anurag says that he knew it all, he was always there, did you think how he knows about the orphanage, I told him, when you were crying at the window in his house, I saw you .

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Prerna says that you kept an eye on me. He says that not everyone wanted to meet us, everyone knew it, except for you, Mr. Bajaj explained to me, if I love you, this is the right way, he took you away from me, I have the right to Realized, when I cheated on you, you were shattered, I felt I could trust him, he could encourage you, he could help you, he had a greed, he still has feelings for you Hai, when you both went to London, he changed and became selfish, I called him several times to know about you, he stopped answering my calls, then I didn’t know about you, Mr. Bajaj was always a part of this plan. The goons watched the march. They see the temple. Prerna says that you broke my trust, she always supported me. Anurag says that he was always a part of this plan, Veena fell ill after you left, I took care of hospital expenses, I sent money through Komolika, I wanted to stay in touch, but due to Komolika I Could not do it. Many more, because I had promised Rajesh to take care of his family, I sent money through Ronit, you all felt that Ronit is doing this, he is not a good person, that’s why I, Ronit and Shivani Was against the relationship. Motivation cries. Anurag says I swear, I did not know about Sneha, that she is alive, she is with you, that Sneha is Sneha. Prerna says that I do not trust you.

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He says I know, I cheated on you, how will you trust me, I am saying all this because I have a proof, it was not my fault, I was helpless, the day Viraj died , I have a video, you will see everyone was involved in it, Komolika and Mr. Bajaj also wanted us not to unite. She watches a video of Viraj falling down a cliff. She says Komolika said that she will show this video in court and then I cannot save you. He says why have I made you, see the picture of Mr. Bajaj at the ashram, I did not know that Chandrika is with him, I got this picture and footage from the ashram, Priyanka supported me. Motivation cries. Anurag says I can’t stand it anymore, I can’t live without you and Sneha, please trust me. they cry. He says please…. And keeps it. He hugs her. Chahat ke safar mein… .plays… they miss their moments. He says that I love you. She says that I love you too. They held smiling hands.

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Mr. Bajaj comes to Anurag’s house and shouts Komolika … Anupam says, I am seeing someone else’s voice than Komolika. Mr. Bajaj asks how dare you attack him. Nivedita asks what are you doing here. Anupam gestured to him. Mr. Bajaj says that I warned you,