Maha Episode – Shakti 13 Sep 2020 update: Preeto agrees to make Virat the protector of Heer on TV serial Colors

TV-Show-shakti astitva ke ehsaas ki

The episode begins with Virat seeing the shooter and running to save Heer. He falls on the road with her for her safety. The bullet hit the plants. Virat walks past Soham. Soham is running on the road and hits Virat. Virat hit him from behind. Soham and Virat start fighting and fighting among themselves. Virat grabs his neck and pulls off his mask, but Soham puts his forehead mask on his face and kills Virat.

Virat did not see her. Soham runs away. Heer comes there and asks who was he? Virat says that I do not know and asks if he is okay? He puts his hand on her shoulder and holds her hand and asks her to come home. Heer cleaned his hand and said that you are not my lover or husband who is holding my hand and asking me to come home. She says that you can go home and ask her to keep distance.

Virat says that I do not know about lover or husband, but I want to be your friend. He says that I want to protect you like I just protected you, I have saved your life and you are scolding me instead of thanking me. Heer says that you can see that you have protected me today, but have you not seen that you have killed me many times before. She tells him to think about it first. She starts walking and asks him to leave his scarf and abuses it on the way. Virat comes in front of him. Heer turns and sees his dupatta strapped to the stone. Virat smiled. You play my God… ..they play differently. Virat says why she is adopting so much attitude and reveals that she too is stubborn. She gets a call from the waterfall and asks who is it? He tells that he has come to the temple to seek blessings for his turmeric and marriage. She says very sweet and asks him to come home. Virat says that I will come in 5 minutes. He sees Heer leaving and thinks he can’t let her go alone.

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Heer comes home. Ravi asks her to be fresh and says that I will serve food for you. Shanno gets upset and thinks that she survived again. Preeto tells her to stop and asks why she has mud on her clothes. She puts on her scarf and asks how did it tear? Virat says that this morning, someone shot at Heer, but I was there at the time and that’s why he survived. Everyone is shocked. Ravi asks if he is alright? Heer says yes. Virat tells that he tried to catch the culprit, but he was careful, but I found his mask. Rohan comes there and asks Sindhu to bring his luggage. He looks at Virat and says that you have come again. Preeto says that someone shot at Heer again. Rohan asks Heer if he is alright? Heer says yes.

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 So who shot him. Heer tells Virat to go home and tells him that she has nothing to do with him, saying that this is his thing. Virat says that Heer… .. I care about you and if you ask me then my worry will not end. He says I am not wrong, just like you think of me. Soham asks what do you want from us and grabs his collar. Virat sees a bruise on his neck and identifies Soham. He asks her, how did you get this hurt? Soham tells him to keep his business in mind. Virat says that I will keep an eye on you from now on. Virat got out.

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shakti astitva ke ehsaas ki

Heer says that she doesn’t know what she thinks about herself and reveals that she had come to the temple to befriend him, stating that she likes being shot by someone, but doesn’t want Virat’s friendship. She goes. Preeto says that if Virat had not saved her, Heer would have died. Waterfall calls Virat and says that you said you will call in 5 minutes. She says make a video call, I want to see where you are? Virat says that I am not calling you, you wait or start applying turmeric. He says that I will apply turmeric after coming home and end the call. The waterfall gets disturbed.

Virat calls Preeto and tells that he is standing outside, telling that he wants to talk to her, Soham and Heer were inside, so you, Harak Chacha, Rohan, Sindhu and Ravi come out. He says that he wants to talk about something important. Waterfall reveals that Virat refuses to make a video call.