Pavitra Bhagya 21 Sep 2020 Episode Update: Reyansh and Pranati Vardhan Uncover TV Show Colors

Jugnu locks the door when the doctor tries to meet Pranati. He tells her that she has come here to check on her mother. Jugnu says that we no longer need English medicines. I will take care of Nay Ma. Pranati tells her to let her check the doctor but Jugnu tells her to shut up. She sends the doctor. Jugnu tells Pranati not to worry. I will take care of you. Come and sleep now Pranati smiles while taking care of Jugnu. She cupped Jugnu’s face who retreated a step. Firefly smiles as she catches Pranati’s ear. She lays him down. Pranati hugs her and cries. Firefly makes her smile. Pranati kisses her hand. She agrees not to cry and lay down to sleep. Jugnu pats Sweet on her head.

Dadi asks Jugnu and Pranati that they stopped Pranati from checking. Jugnu stepped forward. Grandma tells him to let her go to the doctor’s checkup. Don’t you want to get well soon? Jugnu says she is fine. It is not necessary, Grandma says, that I am accountable to many people. Jugnu tries to argue but Pranati asks him to let him check the doctor. Dadi tells the doctor to go ahead. Firefly gets tired. Grandma leaves the room. Jugnu thought about Vardhan’s instruction. The doctor tells Pranati that her vitals are fine. Give me an injection for B12 to strengthen your immunity. Pranati shook her head. Jugnu shouts and distracts them, but in vain. This time she screams the lizard and the doctor begins to jump in fear. She interjects on the couch. Jugnu fools him into sitting on it. Pranati asked if she was alright? Jugnu does not allow Pranati to interfere. They see the doctor walking out on the couch. Jugnu asks Pranati if she has understood now. Pranati hugs her.

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Reyansh comes to the hotel. The receptionist says that Vardhan Khurana is not named here. He also booked a room here. Reyansh asked for CCTV footage. The receptionist agrees.

Riya, Armaan and Maan want Ganpati Bappa’s blessings.

Reyansh asks a staff member if he is sure that Vardhan comes to the hotel that day. The man says that he is a regular here. We will recognize him. He was not here that day. Reyansh heads down. Everything is against Pranati. This means that she is either lying or trying to erase any evidence.

Armaan, Riya and Maan for Ganapati immersion.

Reyansh gets a call and is shocked. Such a great game!


Pranati comes to Vardhan’s room. You were so shocked that you tried to blackmail the doctor to keep me unconscious! He faces ignorance. Do you enjoy creating a story? She holds it by her collar. Why are you trying to ruin my life? Already a lot going on and now you! I am fighting everyone for my daughter. I can not stand it anymore Why are you trying to ruin my life? He says that I am capable of doing this. She nods. The Khurana family only knows how to deal with people. Police and doctors are in your pocket. I am nobody, so why would anyone believe me. Why are you growing this? I want to live for my daughter. Leave me alone. I will forget everything and keep quiet but please leave me alone. He starts laughing. Finally you are on your knees today. I keep the whole of Delhi in my pocket. No one will even know that I make you disappear.

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Do you think you will survive by messing with me? I only wanted to spend one night with you. If you agreed but it didn’t happen then you would do it! You only had to do what you are doing with Reyansh! Pranati looks towards him. He is surprised at the change in his expressions. She says that your brother is not cheap like you. Now the whole world will know what you are! He asks her what she is saying. She says it’s time. He is about to kill her when Reyansh enters. The truth is now out in the open. He tells Vardhan that he can call whomever he wants. I’ll see what you will do. Vardhan tells him that he is wrong. He has fooled you. I am your brother Reyansh refused to listen to anything. Vardhan says, I am your elder brother. Reyansh knocks him down.

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Reyansh says you should be ashamed. You also forgot about humanity. Vardhan tells him to shut up. You are in his trap right now. You are holding your elder brother’s collar today! Will you teach me humanity and shame? I am your elder brother Stay within your limits. Reyansh says that you have exceeded your limits by doing so. I have ignored all your mistakes till date but you will be punished this time. Vardhan says that you consider him more than your elder brother. Have you tried to ask me what is the truth? Reyansh says that the truth was revealed long ago. I should have trusted him but I felt that my brother is not so low. I was wrong though! You thought that the doctor you paid for injecting him would not open his mouth? Now your face


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