Radhakrishna September 10, 2020 Written Episode Update: Ghatotkacha Search for Bheem TV Serial Star India


Radha asks Krishna who Ghatotkacha is and why Bhima will go to meet him. Krishna says that Bhima has to prepare for a battle that he cannot win. Ghatotkacha goes to his mother Hidimbi and asks if she calls him. Hidimbi says to worship Mahamaya, she needs human sacrifice. He asks if he has any in mind. She says that she has barely torn Jarasandha into 2 pieces, she needs to be very strong, she needs her blood. Ghatotkacha asked to start preparations, he would make him his prey. Krishna walks in the forest. Radha says that this place is haunted. Krishna asks if he is afraid. She says that she is happy that she is with Krishna. Krishna thinks that this is the best place to wait and protect Bhima.


Bhima stops in the forest to see his fruit on the tree to fill his stomach and rest for a while. He begins to bear fruit when Ghatotkacha warns him that how dare a human being that he stop here and get his fruits. Bhima warns him to go away as he killed a demon and wants to rest. Ghatotkacha says that he must have killed a weak demon. Bhima says that he killed Jarasandha. Ghatotkacha thinks that he is the same man whom his mother told him, Mahamaya is happy on him. He provokes Bhima to a fight. Bhima agrees. Ghatotkacha gets his weapon, Bhima gets his mace / mattress and their fight starts.

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The romance of Krishna and Radha continues. Krishna asks Radha to prepare kheer for him when he is hungry. She asks where he will find milk, rice and jaggery in the forest. He says that if he searches he can get God; He reminds that once he prepared kheer when he was hungry. She is surprised to see the cow in front of her and gets milk. He is then amazed to see the paddy fields and extracts rice from the paddy. Krishna recalls for Radha. Then Radha says without jaggery, they will have rice and milk only. He says let us see and start playing with him. She rolls her ears. He holds her hand and puts rice in a milk pot.

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Bhima is astonished by the experience of Ghatotkacha’s superpowers and thinks that he has never seen such a powerful asura in life. Ghatotkacha keeps attacking him. Bhima feels that Krishna had said that he should fight if not necessary, so it is better to waste his energy than flee from here. He fooled Ghatotkacha and rode on his chariot. Ghatotkacha thinks that Man made a fool of him.


Radha prepared kheer and asked Krishna to feed him. Krishna says, when he feeds him, he will feel the sweetness, so let us feed each other. They both feed each other; She says it is very tasty, but it blossoms when she tastes it. Krishna says that he wanted to explain that there is no sweetness in food, but in love. Radha says that she spoke deep in simple words. He says that everything comes with love. They both feed each other happily. Krishna now got the energy to do big things. She asks what they are. He says that he should look into his eyes and count 3. He sees Bhima coming on his chariot and asks why he came here. Bhima goes to Krishna and asks what he is doing here. Krishna says that he comes here regularly with Radha, but why he is coming in the opposite direction at Indraprastha. Bhima says that he is running away from the powerful demon, so he wants to run away from here and participate in the Rajasuya Yagna at Indrastha. Radha says Bhima is right, let us go. They both sit on the chariot and ask Krishna to sit on the chariot soon. Krishna steps on the dirt and says how he will go now. Radha asks her to drop the shoes and bring them to the chariot. Ghatotkacha goes to them and asks to be handed over to the human who killed Jarasandha. Krishna says that Bhima killed Jarasandha, but this was his plan. Ghatotkacha says that he will also kill Krishna. Radha warns Ghatotkacha that he must kill Krishna before touching him.

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