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& TV show Santoshi Maa written episode 22 December 2020 Santoshi Maa Temple

The episode begins with Devesh’s mother welcoming her thinking of Dev Rishi as an intellectual Brahmin, so that she is impressed by his predictions and brings food for him, while Goddess Polomi tells Dev Rishi to go away But he tells him that if you can come to Earth then why I have not come here for a good reason.

Dev Rishi thanked Devesh’s mother for the food and suggested to him to worship Mother Santoshi to erase his son’s curse so that all curses would be dispelled and the evil spirit that surrounded your family would go away but the goddess Polomi intervenes to stop Dev Rishi to give any such suggestions and Devesh’s mother is asking Goddess Polomi not to interfere, while Dev Rishi smiles at DY Polomi.

Goddess Polomi is complaining to Lord Mahadev that Dev Rishi is doing wrong.

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Mata Santoshi informs Dev Rishi that it is wrong to go to Earth which is against the policies of God, but Dev Rishi tells Mata that I have not crossed any limits as it is important to guide the devotee. What I am doing while Lord Mahadev also says to Goddess Polomi that whatever the Lord Rishi has corrected that guidance is important for the devotee, who loses his way and Mata Parvati also says that you have done your Also worked in earlier days and holds Goddess Polomi Mama while Mata Santoshi Dev praises Rishi.


Devesh’s mother takes Swati and all his family members including Devesh to the temple of Mata Santoshi, while Indresh also takes Swati to the same temple.

Devi Polomi plans to obstruct her path towards Mata’s temple, so she gets into a truck with her car causing an accident and Devesh’s mother is scaring her other son who is slow Trying to drive as the truck gets in their way.

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Devi Polomi, using her powers, told the truck drivers to fail to make their brakes, while Swati prayed to save Mata Santoshi, as they all see the truck coming at a high speed and the truck The driver gets shocked about the brakes failing, but Mata Swati and Dev fail the prayers of the sage.Devi also comes apart from Polomi and using her powers again repairs the brakes and drives the truck to the car. Is converted into savings to be dashed and they all better appreciate praising Mata for the savings while Goddess Polomi rides on Dev Rishi.

They all reach the temple while Indresh and Babli also reach the temple. Devesh and Swati go inside the temple, while Goddess Polomi also comes and also sees Indresh and Babli, causing trouble.

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The goddess Polomi is trying to enter the temple, but Santoshi is unable to enter due to the positive vibes of Mata’s powers from which evil does not enter.

On one hand, Swati goes to pray for the Tulsi plant while Indresh also tells Babli to go inside and he will join after his mother calls and he is talking on the phone while Swati is behind him While praying for the basil plant, water poured on him, splattering on Indresh shocked him.

Devesh is thinking that Swati is so devoted to Mata Santoshi that she thinks what kind of woman she is.


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