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Shosha is a young college student who was raised in an orphanage. He goes to college during the day and earns a living by delivering pizza and massaging at the spa. He is looking for his birth father who left him and his mother. He falls in love with college student Sukun but is shocked to see his father. He has a picture of his mother with Sukoon’s father and realizes that Sukoon’s father, the seductress, may also be the father of his birth. Chaos said, relaxed and Shosha like each other, but the DNA test proves that the seductress is Shosha’s father. Is Mohawk really Shosha’s father or did someone tamper with the DNA test, which follows the cross of the story?

Who’s Your Daddy Season 2 Full Download 720p


For some reason, your Daddy Season 2 told me a lot, which is not the case where the lead falls in love and later discovers that they could be half-siblings. However, it has neither humor nor chemistry nor the innocence of a young couple in love. Like most of the series, Who’s Your Daddy Season 2 is also based in the Hindi heartland. But, who is your daddy just doesn’t sound interesting? This is a good plot on paper, but somehow the execution fails. Humor and jokes seem forced, the actors not confident enough to take on the comic caper. When it comes to pacing and content, the series from episodes 1 to 10 has not progressed further. You can select and watch any episode in the series and it will feel like the characters are doing the same thing over and over again. The last two episodes seem to be at a slight pace, but the series ends abruptly without any explanation. If it is not picked up for season three, then people who spend their time watching this show will become powerful.

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We gather that the show has new actors like Bhavin Bhanushali and Sameeksha Sood, who have a very long way to go. He feels that he has made an effort, but does not make an impact. It was great to see Mamik and Vidya Malvade on screen. They revive the series too much and take control of the haphazard story. His chemistry is very good and his upcoming timing is also perfect. They endanger the roles of a typical middle-aged Delhi couple.

Who’s Your Daddy Season 2 Full Hindi Web Series Download FilmyZIla, Bolly4U


The series has some fun Punjabi songs playing in the background, which are in line with the flow. The screenplay is not impressive. The screenplay and production quality are not up to the standards of any other Zee5 or AltBalaji show.

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Although the episodes are of 20+ minutes each, they still seem slow. There is a lot of disconnect in the show and a lot of scenes are added with no explanation for any reason. When the focus should have been on Shosha and her search for her father, the rest of the sub-plot ruins the show.


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