Yeh Hai Chahatein TV Show 9 September 2020 Episode Update: Watch Pritha get reprimanded by Balraj on Star Plus


The episode begins with neighbors taunting Gopal. Vasu says I will call the crown prince. Gopal says no, we did nothing wrong. He is taken. She cries. Prisha is shocked to see pics. She asks who did it. Sarnesh says Rudra and I did it. Rudra comes. She says I like big surprises, what do you want in return. Sharan said I will give you a list this time. She asks Rudra what he wants. He asks her to say if she has anything to say. She says I wanted to tell you … Balraj shouted to Prisha. They go to Balraj. Balraj throws papers at her and says that she is suspended, legal notice has come, ask her what she did. Mishka finally says, someone told the truth in this house. Balraj asks Prisha to answer them. Ahana says that Prisha will tell us why she got suspended, I will help her, Rudra, Mishka and I know the matter. Prisha looks at Rudra.


Ahana says that Prisha has given the wrong medicine to a patient, so the questioning is going on. Balraj says you did not tell us. Ahana says that she has hidden this from us. He asks what do you mean? She says she got suspended last week. What does he ask? Mishka says that she told that she is going to the hospital, she does not know where she went. Ahana asks where were you going, Prisha. Mishka says that if she can lie she can do anything. He says that she can leave the house and do anything. He scolds Prisha. Sharada says I know that Prisha is a good doctor. She asks what happened. Prisha thinks how to tell him about Neerja and Rahul. Balraj says that she does not tell us, does not know who has made her a doctor. Rudra says enough. He defends Pritha and argues with Balraj. Balraj says that you think doctors are stupid, what will he answer, he is silent now. Rudra says she is my family, she will have a reason and while maintaining silence, I want to support my wife, I do not want to insult you like her, I will ask her, you do not need to interfere . He says that you all listen to me, do not interfere in my case. He takes Prisha. This is Chaiten… .play… ..

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Vasu tries to convince the inspector. He says that we have got evidence against him, get him bail and get him. She asks what needs to be done to arrange the bail. He asks her to bring the money, at least 5 lakhs. She gets shocked. She calls the jeweler and says that I want to sell my jewelry, I need money immediately, there is some problem, I am coming immediately. She left. The inspector asked Constable Sharma to kill Gopal and find out about the drugs. Gopal says I don’t know anything, maybe Girish did. Sharma beats her and asks her to confess the crime. Gopal asks him to believe him. Prisha says sorry to hide it. Rudra says you like this insult, I can’t stand it, I know it is not easy, I have shared my personal things, why can’t you say that. She cries.

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He says that I am sad that you have endured this alone, we have solved it, we have solved the problem of Niketan, and also the problem of Saransh, why did you face it alone, do you have me Do not trust. She says it is not so. He says that I asked you before going down. She says there was a problem in the hospital, Balraj calls me before I can tell you, sorry. He says promise me, you didn’t hide anything. She thinks that I cannot tell you about Rahul, you will go and fight him, he can do anything to get revenge. She makes false promises.

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Saransh comes to them and asks them to play. Rudra says that we have a lot of time, Prisha takes a few days leave from the hospital. She thinks that Rudra did it right. She says yes, I took a break. Saranash hugs her. Vasu gets the money and tells the inspector to release Gopal. Inspector says come tomorrow, court time is over, take the money, go home. She worries. She says that I want to talk to Gopal once. He says well, just for the time being. He asks Sharma to take him to Gopal. Vasu is shocked to see Gopal.