Yeh Hai Chahatein Star Plus TV Show Written episode update on 26 November 2020:

Mahima tells Preisha that she has no reason to live then and now, but she will not try to commit suicide again. Anu tells her to relax and leave. Vasu tells Rudra that he is worried for glory. Rudra assures him to rest and says that he will leave now as Sarnash is alone. Vasu agrees. Preisha says that she needs to talk to Rudra and takes him to the next room. He asks if everything is okay. She says that Akka’s condition is deteriorating and she cannot leave him dying. He asks if she wants him to give her asylum. She says that it would be nice if Saresh spent time with Akka here. He says that she will take refuge again, is not a toy given to Saranash, he will not part with Saresh and let Mahima take him. She says that Akka is Sarnash’s real mother. He says that his brother is the real father and he is the legal father and will not give it to anyone. Mahima enters and asks them to stop fighting, she does not want any differences between them because of that. Preisha asks why she came here instead of resting. Rudra says that he will give his life happily, if he asked, but not Saranash; Saransh is his life and his brother’s son, so he does not want to lose him. He tells Preisha that he will take out the car. Preisha says that she can leave while staying with Mahima. Mahima assures that she will not commit suicide again and insists her to leave. Preisha gave up.

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Rudra sings the song Sorry Song, Sorry Sorry, seeing the angry mood of the car while she drives the car, but she does not react. He apologizes to her for getting angry at her, but he knows that he is emotionally attached to Saranash and cannot do ways with her, he should forgive her. She turns around. He leaves. She turns back and is worried not to find him in the car. She then gets out of the car and searches him, looking at the top of the car with the balloon. He requests to accept his regret and shouts that he apologizes. People gathered around. He begs to step down. He comes down and grabs it. She laughs. Jo Tum Na Ho Hum Se Hum … song .. plays in the background. She cleans her hair dirt. Everyone claps for them. He apologizes again. She says that’s fine and they both sit in their car.


Preisha and Rudra return home. Saranash runs in and hugs them. Balraj asks how Mahima is. Rudra says he is fine. He was waiting for her to tell that he had a concert in Delhi tonight. Hearing this, Rudra gets excited. Balraj says that they will maintain proper social distance during the concert. Ahana says this will boost Rudra’s popularity. Rudra says that he will work hard for the concert.

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Vasu gives milk to Mahima and asks if she is feeling well now. Mahima said yes and asked him to go to Mrs. Iyer’s house for worship. Vasu says she will be with him, GPS says that any one is enough. Glory insists, and they both leave. On the other hand, Rudra’s family leaves in their cars for the concert. Mahima watches TV and sees a couple fighting that Rudra and Preisha are fighting, panicked thinking that they are fighting because of him, thinks he should leave from here, pack his bag and go on the road. Should walk on Rudra drives the car with Preisha and says that he used to hug Rajiv whenever he was in distress or very happy. Preisha asks if he will hug her. He says that this is not a bad idea. They hear a woman honking and shouting to take the vehicles aside. Preisha sees Mahima walking on the road and asks Rudra to stop the car. They both get out and see a speeding truck towards Glory. They yell at him, but he continues to walk subconsciously. Just when the truck is about to hit him, Yuvraj enters and saves him. They both run to him, Rudra pushes Yuvraj aside. Yuvraj yells why he did not rush to save her. Preisha hugs Mahima and asks if she is alright. Mahima comes to her senses and asks how she came here. Preisha explains to him what happened. Mahima asks about her bag. Yuvraj shows that it is far away. Preisha asks where she was going with the bag. Mahima says that she did not want to create a problem between Preisha and Rudra, so she was going too far from them. Preisha asks why she didn’t think of the parents, she must be tired of seeing him disappear from the house. Vasu and Gipsy return home and get tense seeing Mahima disappear. They call Preisha.

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