Yeh Hai Chahatein Star Plus TV Show Written episode update on 27 November 2020

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Mahima gets a GPS call and she asks Preisha what she should tell. Rudra picks up the call. GPS asks where Mahima is if she is alright. Rudra says that she is fine and she is taking him to Khurana House, he is on the way and will talk to her after reaching home. GPS says that he is not worried if Rudra is there and asks her to call him when Mahima wants to return home. On the other hand during Rudra’s live concert, people get nervous when he does not stop. Sharan asks Sharada to call Rudra soon. The organizer of the show, Mr. Bhatia, warned Balraj that he sold tickets at double the price and if Rudra did not change, he would suffer a huge loss of crores and Balraj would have to pay it. China warns her to treat Mr. Khurana. The host announces that Rudra is not coming for any emergency reason and they are canceling the show. Balraj runs away with the family.

Mahima asks Rudra why he lied to his parents that he is taking her home. Rudra says that he did not lie and tells Preisha to sit in the car. Mahima says that she cannot go to Khurana’s house because she cannot control herself seeing Sarna all the time. He says that she is thinking about him, who is a heart patient. Mahima gets worried. Rudra says she was away for 7 years and did not know what her parents were doing. He asks Preisha to bring her in the car and leaves with them. Yuvraj said that he helped him, but he did not even call him sorry and just walked away. He asks for help from God and thanks God by looking at the suitcase of glory.

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Rudra returns home. Balraj fights at her and shouts why she did not attend the concert, as she has suffered heavy losses due to him. He sees Preeti taking Mahima inside. Rudra stops her and says that he will explain everything, Preeta asks Mahima to take her to her room and rest her. He then apologizes to Balraj for not attending the concert and Mahima survived the big accident because of this, she is mentally ill and was walking subconsciously on the road. Balraj says that he has done a great loss because of Preisha, but he cannot do more due to his sister; He does not care if he lives or dies. Rudra asks why he is saying this. Ahana says why she did not have to suffer humiliation because of her silly reason. Balraj says that he forgets everything for Preisha and Saransh, who are there for him. Rudra says that they are his family and is more important to him than his father, he will talk to Bhatia and do his concert for free. Ahana says that he should suggest Rudra to adopt the entire Srinivasan family as he will elect them and ignore us.


Rudra walks into the room and sees Preisha sleeping Mahima. Preecha comes out and apologizes to her that she had to scold Balraj for the concert being canceled. He tells her to relax, just go and sleep now. She holds his hands and kisses his cheeks. He asks why this is. She says that she did a lot for her Akka and she feels proud of him. He becomes more romantic. She says why he doesn’t admire her so much, kissing her cheek again. He hugs her from behind, saying that I love you very much, but she goes away shy. She then sees Yuvraj’s call and thinks that even after so much humiliation she will not learn a lesson, picks up the call, and asks why he made the call now. He says that he has brought Mahima’s suitcase, but the guard is not letting him in. She walks out and takes Mahima’s suitcase and tells her to leave now. She says she did not call him sorry for saving Saransh, Mahima, and her suitcase. She says that she will slap Mahima to take him to Ooty and try to create differences between her and Rudra. He runs after her to slap and eject her through the watchman.

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Preecha then returns to Rudra and Saransh’s room and tells her that she is worried for Mahima, given her mental state, she is sleeping alone in the ground floor room. Rudra tells him to go and sleep with Akka, where he can at least sleep peacefully and he will sleep here with his son, he does not need to hear her snoring. She thanked him while extending her hand. He kisses her hand and walks away. She reaches Mahima’s room and sleeps next to him. Sometimes, she wakes up and gets worried about not seeing the glory around. She discovers him and when she sees Mahima sleeping in his place in Rudra’s hand, he is shocked and reaches Rudra’s room. She wonders why she feels bad that Mahima wants to take her place, she doesn’t want it because she herself wanted Mahima to be with Saran. Rudra wakes up and looking at her asks if she is not going, panicked and sleeping on the bed next to Mahima Saran and asks what Mahima is doing here. Preecha takes her out and says that she is mentally ill and walks subconsciously, reminding him about walking on the street. Rudra says that she is right and goes to sleep in the next room. Sarah wakes up and thinks that Preeta is sleeping the next morning. Mahima replied good morning. He panics and asks what he is doing here and what he did to Rudra and Mama. Mahima says that she does not know how she came here. Sarah says that she is acting and she will not talk to him again.

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