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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Star Plus TV Show Written Episode Update 26 November 2020

The episode starts with Karthik thinking of Kairav. Naksh comes there. He says that Vanshi is sleeping, and Kairav ​​is busy, I thought I should talk to you, are you upset. Karthik says no. Naqsh says you are upset with Naira, both of you are not wrong, try to understand your point of view, you are sensible and do not need my advice, sometimes when someone reminds us, we understand, You explained to Kirti and me about the divorce. With all the rights, I want to explain with one right, one of the parents is strict, Naira is not wrong. Karthik says that we both know Naira, she is stubborn, she does what she wants, I asked her not to ask Kavya, she was in a hurry to know the truth, sorry, I don’t talk Wants Naksh prays.

Gayu Ramleela watches the video and weeps. Naira comes and says that Kavya did nothing to the dynasty, I know her, she must have accepted her mistake, like she had accepted earlier. Gayu says that he is scared of punishment, he has become a liar. Naira said no, she did nothing, she fell ill. Gayu says that he got sick and you changed your words, my son is unable to walk, what should I do. Naira says that I saw Kairava on the terrace, but I did not see him pushing, perhaps he was saving the dynasty. Gayu says, well, why would Vans lie. Naira says that I will also ask the dynasty. Gayu says that Kairav ​​wants to be a hero, so he took that challenge. Argument.

Gayu says this time, I will not back down. Naira says that I did not blame the dynasty. Gayu asserts his right to take this decision. Naira asks what. Dadi asks Naksh to take care of Krish. Naira asks Gayu to stop and listen. Gayu takes Vanshi. Grandma asks what is happening. Gayu says ask Naira, she has mocked the relationship, she says that Karv pushed the dynasty, she changed today and she is saving him, she is accusing the dynasty. Naira says no, I am too stupid to blame Karaiv. Gyu asked if the dynasty jumped on its own and broke its leg. Naira says I did not say so. Manish says that Gayu, Naira means that his misconceptions about Kairav ​​have cleared up. Suvarna and Akhilesh also support Kairav. Gayu says that you are misunderstanding Dynasty, Naira and her son are great, Dynasty and I are fools. Karthik says that we did not say so. Gayu says but you mean thank you for not saying that. Naira says calm down. Gayu says that I do not want to calm down, I am doing the same, I am trying to adjust, this Goenka family has not accepted my son either. Everyone is shocked.


Gayu says that I cannot expect love and justice from them, I was mad thinking that everyone would be alright, it was Samarth and about me, now I will not tolerate, Karthik and Naira were never wrong, Now Carav has also gone wrong. Karthik says I will take the clan into the room. Gayu says that you loved the dynasty until Kairav ​​came into your life, stop this useless pretense. Naira says that we know what the dynasty means for her. Gayu says that you show love for the children of others, when the time comes, you remove them from your path, you wanted justice at the time of Love and Kush, you were adamant, now where is your justice, When about your son. Manish says that both things are different. Gayu says that if Surekha says the same, then you might not get it wrong. She says sorry, I didn’t support you before, I can understand your pain, tell them. Surekha says that I can understand it well, I did not mention anything, I am alone without my sons because of this Naira. She cries.

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Akhilesh says that it is not Naira’s fault, it was the fault of our sons. Gayu says yes, always the fault of others, because Naira is always right, Naira was away from her parents, I did the duty of a daughter to them, she came back and took away my rights, same thing with dynasty. Getting, my rights were always taken away from me because of that. Naksh says that this is wrong, nobody did anything bad to you. Gayu says that you cannot understand this, I am leaving the house so that she can live in peace and I can also be happy. Naira says please don’t say that. Karthik tells him to listen, this is no solution. Manish says that we will talk as soon as Samarth comes. Gayu says what he will say, he can’t talk to you, he’s on your side all day, he can’t speak for my rights. Manish asked that Samarth complained to us, he feels that injustice has been done to him, what are you saying. Gayu says he does not say anything, you are blind to the love of your son, you just look at Karthik and Kairav, you are the elder of the house, you are most unjust and biased. Manish cries. Dadi and everyone see Manish.

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Manish asks how did I do injustice, maybe not my fault. Gayu says that you always support Karthik and Naira, what shall I remind now, you have taken away our rights and given them, you have always treated us inferiorly. Karthik and Naira looked shocked. Gayu says that you did not spoil Vatsal either, because Akshu came, you remember when you adopted Vatsal, you only talk about Kairav ​​and Akshu, not others, I am Vanshal and Vatsal. I am a mother, I will not let them go wrong. Grandma grabs his head. Gayu says that there is no one to tell the elders. Grandma asks what. Gayu says that Daadi worries Kairav, was it right to award Kavya, Manish and you have hurt the dynasty a lot. Manish says that you are misunderstanding us. Gayu says that I understand you well. Manish stumbles. Karthik catches him. Naira says that you are worried and hurt, but you are not playing the right to blame Manish. Gayu says I am telling the truth, just you get the rights, we got donations and favors, Manish did not think of us, he agreed only for you and Karthik, he gave the Mumbai project to Samarth at your suggestion, so Not that Samarth deserves it, just Kartik, Naira and Kairao deserve it, everyone else is just living at their mercy.

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