Zee TV Serail Qurbaan Hua 30 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Zee TV Show Qurbaan Hua 30 January 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update  

Neil apologizes for whatever drama he has done, Chahat says he thinks he can apologize and everything will be alright but that is not the case as he knew about the hospital auction, Neil Tried to explain how he knew and wanted to inform. But after that Chahat started laughing saying how he came to know that men are afraid of their wives after marriage, Chahat also tells how he should also make fun of her because he thought that Vyas ji gave his The marriage is accepted but she turns out to be wrong and there is nothing to worry about, Chahat tries to wipe her tears and then a call comes from the hospital to mention that she has some urgent duties, Neil said How she feels her pain due to the love she shares with him.


Jamuna orders all the decorators to stop all the decorations and snatch the dishes too as there will be no celebration, Jamuna questions Vyas what has happened to her as she is hurting Chait because she knows that She is not a murderer to Saraswati even when she suspects her father of killing her Saraswati, but how can a daughter see the destruction of her father, Neil asks Vyas ji why he is behaving like that because Has always worried for his health and has put his life at risk. Provide him with medicine, he mentions how he will deal with concerns for want.

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Chahat is wandering the market thinking how he can’t share his feeling with Neil when he is also hurt due to his father’s auction, Chaat sees a temple, then think about how Neil said he would always She will sit in the temple when she is upset and she sits here, but she is not able to go inside the temple, then sits outside and prays that some miracle stops the auction of the hospital, she sits outside the temple, Then he comes to know that Akhand Jhot is going to slow down. All can try to secure him Akhund Jhot and fill it with oil to protect it.

Neil is walking on the coals when he cannot bear the pain, Balek tries to get him out of the coals but he is constantly praying that Dr. Beg’s hospital is saved so that he does not come out until he gets some indication God, they hear the call of Azan and he thinks how he knew that Allah would never do to help the believers, So relieved he is, Neil then sits down as he is not able to bear the pain, Jamuna immediately helps him by telling Vyas ji how he believes that they should learn something from the younger generation, even if they are older.

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At night Neil is praying that Dr. Beg’s hospital is saved, Neil heard the sound of chatter coming into the house, then immediately covered his feet, Chahat came in, Neil asked why it took him so long to come back, how chahat? Forced because there were too many patients in the hospital, Chahat asked if he had eaten dinner, Neil replied that he had eaten dinner, then Chaat replies how he was hungry so he went to the kitchen. I will check but he is not able to get anything to eat. Neil asks to put his milk on his hand, he agrees without saying anything to her, but is unable to walk properly, Chahat asks What is the reason for this, Neil explains how this is a new style and is a moon walk Michael Jackson, Chahat however disagrees, saying that he would show it to him and start a moon walk, then ask him to perform it too, But he is not able to dance so well, Chahat does not recognize and he falls, Neil mentions that he was not able to perform the move. The feet hurt a lot then he show her his feet Forces and is shocked to see the burnt.

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Chatty, then asks what is the reason for the burn, Neil refuses, saying that it just burns, Chahat threatens to call Jamuna when Neil says he walks on coal, he Tells that he prayed so that Dr. Beg’s hospital escapes, Chahat starts crying about how he is angry with her and even applies the medicine, Neil said that he prays for Dr. Baig and this is the least he can do. May be, he knows that Chaat has prayed for Vyas ji whenever he becomes ill and punished himself after fasting and even lying. Chahat mentions how she ensures that she cannot have a better husband after that and is sure that her father’s hospital will now survive.

In the morning Neil and Chahat wake up after listening to the festivities, Neil wonders if this is his family celebrating at the hospital auction, both of them out to see when Ammi Jaan and Ghazla bring dholakiya and sweets Go.

Vyas ji orders him to go mad to stop this celebration, Ammi Jaan says how he heard that Vyas ji is celebrating with his family, but a pious man of God came and saved his reputation, he gave him Agreed to keep A hospital named after her son Rahil Baig, Chahat hugs Neil and explains to him how his prayers saved the hospital.

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