Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update On 23 December 2020- Pragya pretends to be happy with Abhi and Meera’s wedding

Kumkum Bhagya Update Episode On 23 December 2020 The episode begins with Pragya telling Sarita that she is happy with her marriage and that she does not want a person in her life who does not know what she needs in life. Prachi says that she will talk to the mother. Sarita Behen tells that Pragya is very angry now and asks her to do what she wants. She says that Pragya will get angry if we are late in getting ready. Aaliya tries to talk to Tai Ji, while the latter leaves. She asks Raj what happened? Raj says that someone asked that he let Abhi marry someone else as he is married to Pragya. Aaliya says that she did not think about it. Mithali comes and tells that Pragya has come. Alia tells Aaliya after marrying Meera that Pragya will have only tears in her eyes. Pragya comes there and congratulates everyone. She asks if they are alright. She then reveals that she will make a formal introduction to her family and introduce Prachi as Mr. Mehra and her daughter. Aaliya says that whose relationship has been restored again in her name…. Pragya says that the former will be husband and wife and not relationship. She says that it will be Prachi Mehra. Sarita Behen says that I thought she was smart. Pragya says that today is a happy moment and they will all celebrate. Mithali feels Pragya is very happy. Aaliya says that brother and Meera will be happy to meet you. Pragya says that she will definitely meet Yashoda to look after Devaki’s child. Shahana tells Aaliya that she was going to insult him, but … Prachi tells her not to mistreat Aaliya. Sarita is in favor of Prachi’s good values ​​which does not allow her to misbehave, and she is a good niece.

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Abhi gets hit by a waiter. The waiter says sorry. Pragya tells him not to say sorry and tells that Abhi is mistaken. Abhi argues with Pragya. Pragya asks him to come with her so that she can choose some good clothes for him. Pallavi asks Vikram not to bother Ranbir and Prachi today, as she will break his heart today. Vikram is surprised that she could not understand his son’s pain. He tells her to leave him alone, as they have grown up, but Pallavi is adamant on her decision. Vikram goes away. Riya talks to Shaina and the latter tells that she had heard about her pain when Ranbir had an affair with Prachi. Riya asks him to forget all this and says that they will be a couple now.

Kumkum Bhagya Update Episode On 23 December 2020

Shahana tells Prachi to call Alia as a white Buzzi as she is very fair. Ranbir attends the party. Prachi looks at her. She was congratulated by Shaina for her alliance with Reena. Ranbir says that he needs to talk to Riya and talk. Aaliya thinks that Pragya and her daughter’s heart will be completely broken.


Pragya tells Abhi that her choice has changed and calls her Mr. Mehra. Abhi says that your choice is spoiled. Pragya tells him not to let anyone in. Abhi tells that she always misunderstands him. Pragya says when you are misunderstanding me… he is about to leave. Abhi says you always go. Pragya says that you always send me, first when Grandma died, second time when we lost Kiara and now, for your marriage. She says all the time, it’s just you. She says, like you said I am responsible for losing Kiara, so I can blame you too. Abhi says that you have done a lot against me. Pragya says when you are marrying someone else, I have taken out my anger. Abhi pulls her close and asks if she feels bad for her marriage. Prachi says that she is very happy and asks him not to break her marriage.

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Aryan comes to Shahana. Shaina tells Shahana whether she is jealous because Ranbir has chosen Riya instead of Prachi. Aryan feels that he won’t know until Ranbir himself tells Prachi and takes Shahana along. Prachi is worried why Ranbir didn’t talk to him. Ranbir asks Riya not to tell Prachi as she will tell herself. Riya asks him to tell her, otherwise she will tell him.

Zee TV Serial Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 23 December 2020

Shahana asks Prachi to have a good talk with Guddi and flirt with Ranbir so that she will be happy. Prachi says that she does not know how to flirt. Shahana asks her to say that I love you and Riya will tease her. Looks ravishing. Pragya thinks she may not have told him all that much, but…. Her pallu gets stuck. Abhi comes there and catches him. She says that you have changed, but not your choice. He says that you are angry with this wedding and that is why your nose is red, very sweet. Pragya says that as soon as the engagement is over she wants to go home. He asks if he is not impressed. Pragya says no, and not even 1 percent. The last one… .. is about to leave, and says that she will cry, but will not tell. He overhears Pragya talking to someone and pretends to talk to someone and reveals that she is happy with her husband’s marriage.

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Kumkum Bhagya Episode Update 23 December 2020 Ends


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