Zee TV Serial Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update On 9 December 2020: Abhi and Pragya’s plea disrupt their union

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The episode begins with Abhi who tells Pragya not to compare Meera with Tanu and reveals that she is sweet and nice, takes good care of Riya and respects me. He says that she is not a gold digger like Tanu and she asks him not to say all those things for her. Pragya asks then tell me the reason for her decision to marry him. She asks if you love her, or do you hold me responsible for your decision? She says that you can never change. Abhi says, I am marrying Meera because of you. Pragya is about to leave. Abhi asks him to listen and tells that if he had shown some love to Riya, it would not have happened. Pragya says this is enough. Abhi says that you have broken her heart, she loved you and you have filed an FIR against her. Pragya says that I did nothing.

She says that I did not register an FIR, but you have a habit of accusing me? Abhi says that I am not accusing you and telling you the facts. Pragya says that the fact is that a mother has sent her daughter to lock. Abhi says that the fact that the inspector told me that you have filed a complaint and Prachi has been attacked twice, first on the day of Dussehra and also with the truck. He says that both of us knew about this and ask how did the inspector know? Pragya says I see that you are doubting me? He says that if you have not filed a complaint, you will take it back. She asks why didn’t you take Prachi to PS. Pragya says that I went home to take Prachi to PS. Abhi says whatever I wanted to do and got my daughter free from PS. Pragya says your daughter? Abhi says, my daughter. Sarita burns Bean Diya and asks God to clear all her misgivings. Shahana tells Sarita that Riya hates Prachi and now Masi, she will not let Mr. Mehra and Masi reunite. She asks if Mr. Mehra once called Prachi? She says Masi is going crazy for Riya, why is she not taking care of Prachi? She says she never saw him unhappily in Hoshiarpur, but has faced many upheavals since he came here. Sarita hugs him and calms him. Shahana asks him to talk to God for his pleasure.

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Pragya tells him not to say it, otherwise he will not forgive her. He says that if Prachi is your daughter then Riya is my daughter. He says that you must have taught Prachi how to talk to Riya, he calls her unlucky. Abhi says that Alia is right that you only love Prachi and says that if you had given birth to Prachi, it would have been good. He says that you did not return for your ego and left Riya twice. Pragya says is she done, and says that I don’t have time for anything now? Abhi says that I have to invite for my engagement. Pragya asks when? Abhi says the day after tomorrow. She says I am happy to get rid of you. He says why he called her. He says that Alia asked him to marry her. Riya asks him to bring her mother for him, and says that Meera has cared for Riya for 20 years. Pragya says that I am happy for you and will be happier than both of you. She is leaving and collides with the table, falls down. Abhi gets worried, but stops. Pragya leaves from there and thinks about her words. He too gets away from there and thinks about Pragya. He imagines Pragya approaching him and hugs him. Halla Halla plays …….


Pragya also imagines Abhi approaching her and hugs her. Halla Halla song plays. He falls apart and cries on the road.

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Mithali comes to Alia and asks if you think Abhi has gone to meet Pragya. Aaliya says sexual intercourse. She says that he can refuse to marry Meera. Mithali says that she cannot refuse for Riya. Aaliya says that Pragya knows to do an emotional drama for her and reveals that Meera doesn’t like Tanu’s spark, and she is very direct. She says she cannot talk to him directly. She says that I feel like jumping down from the balcony. Mithali says no. Aaliya tells him to go, so that he can think about a counter attack on Pragya.

Pallavi is discharged from the hospital and tells BG that Vikram is settling the bills. Ranbir comes to Pallavi. Pallavi kisses her and says I do not need to kiss my son to take any permisision from anyone. He then thanked the doctor for his mother’s treatment. The doctor says that she will recover, but you will not give her any stress. Vikram says that he stresses me and not me. The doctor says that the joke was good, but you have to do as she says. Pallavi signaled him to leave. Ranbir says let go home.

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