Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 15 December 2020: Karan took the blame when Kareena informed them about the night

Karthika asks Sameer to understand as they are both newly married Ved couple so will not be able to sleep, Karthika asks her to see Preeta as she doesn’t look fresh either, Karan orders her to keep quiet as she is younger than him.

Karan mentions that he was not able to sleep as Preeta actually slept close to him, Karishka is unable to believe her ears, then tells him not to say this to her as they are her family, Karthika’s. Saying that they think they should go bot as a honeymoon they need a change of environment as this is not what they are getting in the house, Karan leaves by saying that he will take a bath.

Sameer asks Kritika why he killed her, they both start fighting and do not stop even when Rakhi asks them both.

To sit with Rakhi Preeta, she pulls out an ear ring, which is Preeta’s, Rakhi says that she was found on the couch, mentioning that she has given her children really good teachings, so She knows that they are capable but what she is doing is even more sensible, she explains that in a relationship there should never be arrogance or stubbornness because every time they win and the only thing that cannot survive is , So they should find out that nothing happens that could harm their relationship, she is never asking them not to fight, but it should not be that their relationship is not able to live through it , Preeta mentions that the relationship with Karan is nothing to worry about, she is about to say that it is her friend, Rakhi says that it is a question if she would like to spend some time with Karan alone, So Preeta remembers all the moments she spent with him from the beginning and reveals that she does not want to spend any time, Rakhi said that she is looking at Preeta’s eyes through her eyes Can see wishes, Preeta says she has to leave, Rakhi tells that she will have some important work so she should leave immediately.

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Kareena questioned Sherlyn that she had also seen Mahira with a jar of salt, but that still did not stop her, were they trying to ruin Preeta’s tea, so that they scolded the family. Sherlyn apologizes to him.

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Rakhi asks Sameer who is the travel agent that caters to their family business, Sameer gives her a mobile and orders to book a honeymoon suit in Manali for tomorrow, he orders both of them about this Don’t say anything in front of everyone, he asks about Kareena and then goes to meet her in the kitchen.

Mahira mentions that she was really mad with Preeta as she took his place in the house and even Karan who was about to marry her should have supported her but she favored Preeta. And even as her mother makes her way into the house, Kareena explains that what they are doing will not have any effect on the family as they all know about the differences with Preeta, says Mahira That she goes mad but Kareena tells Preeta that she will be scolded and it will be Rakhi, not Sherlyn, she believes, then Kareena reveals that she saw Karan sleeping on the sofa at midnight, when Preeta sleeps alone in her room. If she was, she told how Rakhi would not be able to bear that Preeta kicked Karan out of the room. In fact his son is why he scolds Preeta and they will get the revenge they desire, even he hates Preeta and his whole family, Kareena orders them to prepare more tea, but Without salt and then he should come out as he does not talk about wo uld Karan until they both arrive, Mahira should be happy then.

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When Preeta enters the room Karan is taking a shower, he asks Preeta to give him his towel but Preeta says that she cannot find any, Karan asks him to look closely but Preeta tells him. Not able to find, she asks him if he should give her the towel but then she did not take it as she wishes for her own towel that bears her name, she says what happened on the previous night Hai may be trying to avenge her, Preeta says that she does not keep any kind of complaint and also forgets what has happened, Karan says that if he does not give her a towel then he walks out Aata, Preeta challenges her that if she has the strength, but then Karan tells that Preeta will close her eyes as soon as she comes out. He comes out and does not even open his eyes when she asks him, he rolls her over and then he comes in her arms, Preeta realizes that she is wearing clothes, she asks why he did something about her clothes. Didn’t say because he thought he hadn’t worn anything, Karan says he told her that he is wearing his suit which he wants to see so he came out in the same outfit, Karan says he Wanted to take revenge for him because he woke up when he picked him up arms,

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