Zee TV Serial Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update On 17 December 2020: Sherlyn and Mahira Plot to Spoil Honeymoon

Karan asks the god of thanks, Preeta, what he means, Karan starts humming, but then mentions that it would mean that he would have a bed for himself, Preeta also thanks God, so when Karan asks that she suggests that before a honeymoon both individuals should understand the others as it is necessary, Karan mentions that they will first get to know each other, then have a honeymoon.

Shrishti asks Sameer what he thinks of her, what she asks about, she reveals that she is talking to Karan and Preeta, Sameer mentions that she thought she was asking about them. , Shrishti asks what is happening between them – she thought that they were both best friends and Kareena wants them to talk too, she knows that Pawan is trying to get close to her, when he is the brother of Prithvi. And even then she won’t be with him, but when they are both she still has a lot of power wrong, Sameer said that he is not thinking about what he is doing because Kareena gave him the last warning. Granted that she will send him back to his village if she is close to him but that is not the case and she is still with him, Shrishti tells him not to worry as she was joking with him, he forgives That he has a lot of emotions but waits for the most opportunity, then he hugs her but is shocked when Rakhi comes from behind, Sameer that she should stop crying, Shra Grishti could not understand what he meant.

ये भी पढे -  जानिए इन दिनों सुहाना खान को कौन मिस कर रहा है, इस फोटो को शेयर कर लोगों ने हैरान कर दिया

Rakhi asks why she is crying, Sameer explains that he was missing Preeta and being unconscious, so he consoles her and hugs her, Srishti is forced to act as if she was crying. Rakhi hugs her, explaining that she should be happy because the differences they had erased and now they are living a happy life, Rakhi said that she is crying, she still has no tears. , Srishti is forced to pretend that she is not sad for her sister to be in the city but both happy and sad at the same time. Rakhi mentions that she will leave him because then she will get a chance to meet Sarla as it is too late, she asks Sameer to come with her as well, they then sit in the car.


Mahira is packing her clothes, Sherlyn comes into the room, asks her what she is doing, to which Mahira says that she is not worried because now Kareena is on her side, although Sherlyn tries to explain that No one will be able to help them if they are stopped and Sameer is loyal to Preeta and will tell her everything so that she hides, Sherlyn tells that she will look for anyone, Mahira reveals that she Just like a sister, although Sherlyn reveals that she is not a sister, but just her crime partner and they just cover the crimes, Mahira asks that she has no feelings to which Sherlyn mentions that she is Rishabh. She can never do it if she wants to because she loves only one person and will marry him. Very early.

ये भी पढे -  बॉलीवुड टीवी एक्ट्रेस अंकिता लोखंडे के इंस्ट्रग्राम पे हुये 30 लाख फॉलोवर्स, सुशांत के फैंस ने फिर से खींची टांग

Preeta and Karan are driving in the car, Karan starts singing a song and on hearing that Preeta tries to look at her lips thinking that Karan removes lip balm if they are drying, Preeta asks him As to how Karan started to explain to her, she kept it because if she wanted to come close she would give him lip balm, Preeta feels cold and she takes off the jacket, though she pulls off the night dress too. Leia, she immediately states that it is not hers and could be of someone else’s. She is kept there because she is not used to wearing such clothes and has no intention, Karan asks her if she will not have mixed feelings when she gets there because of the dress, then her car breaks down while driving , Karna mentions that he will call a mechanic in Mumbai who knows someone he knows and they will have a car fixed, Karan calls the mechanic after which they start walking towards the local restaurant.

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Sarla hands Janaki some clothes and presses them, when someone opens the door, Rakhi stands there, Sarla immediately tells them to come inside, then scolds Srishti for not informing her as she meditated. Will be kept. Otherwise, Rakhi stops her by saying that she should not be so formal as they are single family and there is nothing to worry about, Sarla reveals that when she heard that Preeta was going to Manali she took off the clothes which is then She found some other clothes that she did not use and so she thought about pressing them and gave them to the needy, Sarla said that she starts talking about clothes and forgets to ask them. As to what they want to do, though Rakhi mentions that they have breakfast, Janaki mentions that she needs tea made by Srishti as she makes fine tea, Sarla said it is useless


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बॉलीवुड टीवी एक्ट्रेस अंकिता लोखंडे के इंस्ट्रग्राम पे हुये 30 लाख फॉलोवर्स, सुशांत के फैंस ने फिर से खींची टांग

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