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Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Show Qurbaan Hua 13 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update


Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene- 1)

Neil and Balek look on, while Vyas ji starts cursing himself after tearing his clothes, they all get shocked, asking him to stop.

Neil takes a photo when he bites himself as well, Neil thinks how he knows he would have a reason otherwise he would never have done it to her and she can’t get away from his love, Neil tells her How not to leave her, that is how she will come to him and when he is about to leave Meera she asks him what he is doing, Neil says he will ask her the reason why he wanted Left her, Meera knows how she knows she will never leave her love, Neil is about to leave when Meera explains to him that this is not the right time as his family is suffering.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene- 2)

Godambari calls the whole family and asks what they have written on the walls, all of them cannot bear the threats after which Jamuna asks them to come forward as they face them with fists, but they give them stones. Starts beating up, Balela gets a call, then he cuts the call saying how he has received a lot of calls from the villagers, desirous of snatching Manat’s seat from what has happened.

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Devambari also said how she thought that Vyas ji had given her daughter the house in which she lives but due to her wrong decision, the whole village is threatening her and her life is in danger, Balek said How she snatches up the post of her Saraswati who should not have been, Neil asks what he has done wrong as he has only loved a girl and it is not a crime, on which Balek says that he should be Fell in love with a girl who is Muslim and she leaves after ruining them.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene- 3)

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Vyas said that it was his crime because he gave birth to a boy who did not have the right to stand up for his faith and also said that he would always bless the girl because of the lies that Neil lied to. As his faith was no longer pure, he forgives how it is his fault for which he will be punished, Vyas ji starts cursing himself, Neil cannot bear that he will punish himself then a rock. Starts beating her head against, Meera stops, telling him that he will not let her do this kind of insanity.

Neil begs Jamuna to stop Vyas ji as he will listen to her, Jamuna asks how he can stop her because he knows what Vyas ji must be feeling, Neil asks what he has done wrong. , Jamuna replies that his father is paying the price. Regarding his love, Balek secretly records Vyas ji.

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Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene- 4)

Jamuna said that Vyas ji will no longer pay the price of Neil’s crimes and his punishment is that he will never talk to Chahat nor try to meet her as his love for her has come on his family. Jamuna asks Neil to speak to ask if he will be able to do this to save his father’s life, Neel gets tired then Vyas is unable to understand what he can do by looking at ji.

Chahat is sitting near the glass door when Dr. Beg goes to him explaining how he should never forget Neil and that he is made only for her and also that he should never marry an old man because she is made only for him.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene- 5)

Ghazal comes on asking that she should think about her other father, she shows him the video where Vyas ji is explaining himself how he is doing this because she loves Neil, Ghazal also tells his servant He orders to come and they give Dr. Beg starts giving blows after which Chahat pleads to stop her as she can no longer bear it.

Jamuna mentions how Neil should choose between his love and his family’s honor, swearing Neil to marry Meera as he had cheated her once before but now he should rectify his mistake and Must marry Meera, he swears her to Saraswati.

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Ghazal warns Chahat to choose otherwise she will make sure that the entire Dhiyani family dies because she has placed a time bomb in her house, Chahat refuses to obey her order, saying that she already loves Neil But when Miss Beg orders her men to shock the hearing of the House, who are forced to obey her orders.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene- 6)

Neil agrees to marry Meera saying that if he has to do it to protect his reputation he will definitely do it but if Chaat comes back before his marriage he will choose her Because he knows what his love is.

Meera in the room asks what Neil had said earlier and asks her why she agreed to marry him, Neil says how he did it because Vyas ji was punishing himself and the two of them got married. Didn’t happen, he forgives how he knows that when Chahat comes back, he finds out that she is marrying someone else, Meera asks how will she know that her mobile is off, Neil says that the wind blows into him. Will take the message,

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update Ends.


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