Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Zee TV Show Qurbaan Hua 19 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode update


Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 19 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-1)

Neil is given a knife after which Ammi Jaan tells him to kill the animal in the proper Islamic way.

Some time ago, Ghazal gave a hand to Ammi Jaan saying that why he has called Rahmat Saheb because today is the time of sacrifice, Ammi Jaan tells that it was his idea to offer the sacrifice, that is why he called to meet Rahmat Saheb, When he arrives she tells him to keep a pan, then tells how it is considered a sign of good omen that a new member of the family should sacrifice, Rahmat sahab gets worried, Ghazal asks if She will be able to do this, but she refuses. He can’t do anything because of the pain in his bones, Neil says on the pretext that how he will sacrifice, thinking that he should be the one, Ammi asks if he did the sacrifice before. Having performed, Neil asks Kasni where they will be? To do this, he is then asked to head towards the back of the house.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 19 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-2)

Ammi Jaan puts a paan in her mouth, she immediately scolds Ghazal saying that she has forgotten to make the paan too, Chahat tells Kasim what he needs from her to fix the door of his room. Ammi Jaan says that she is performing Qurbani behind the house, wanting to get worried thinking about how Neil will be able to perform Qurbani.

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Neil reaches the back of the house where he sees a goat, he thinks that the goat can be a lick’s pet, he realizes that the goat is thirsty, so he has to bring water, Ammi Jaan says this How does the goat have the circumcision to drink. The water is complete, she asks if Qasim is ready, then calls the servant who stabs him, asking why she is working to sacrifice Qasim because He is not even a member of his family, how is Kasim Ammi Jaan ordered him so that he does not disobey him.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 19 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-3)


Neil takes the knife in his hands, Ammi Jaan prays to Allah to accept the sacrifice and gives Rahil a good health, Ammi Jaan orders Neal to sacrifice the animal, when Neil realizes that she Ordering to kill the animal, she gets really fed up, Chaat stops her, Ammi Jaan says she always has the heart of a child, so unless she is being sacrificed, then By the time he should go inside the house, Chahat explains that he is stopping them because the goat is a female and also pregnant, so they cannot sacrifice on him, the butcher sits on his knees explaining how to force him Done because her daughter is ill, so she thought that no one would know about the goat being female, Ammi Jaan slapped her even while threatening to kill her, Qasim stopped her saying that Dr. . There may be another way to make sacrifices for Baig’s good health as he can take responsibility for the treatment of his daughter, Ammi Jaan ordered the butcher to take full responsibility for the treatment.

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Ammi Jaan placed a hand on Qasim’s shoulder and prayed how she would always act with the same sincere heart as she reveals that she wanted mutton biryani, but was not able to, because the sacrifice would not be performed. Could, but Neil reassured him how he would be? Himself making biryani for him, Chahat asks why he is doing all the things which are not allowed in his religion, but he is called gajala.

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Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 19 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-4)

Ammi Jaan loves the smell of biryani at dinner, she orders him to serve everyone. Chahat thinks how she can leave her religion because she did not leave her religion and he also leaves her when she asks him to eat. Dr. before asking Chaat. Beg serves if he gets the reward for serving his father-in-law in his religion, Chahat asks how she dared to touch the flesh because it is not allowed and she will not eat, she shows how she touches Could have said that meat is really smart.

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Ammi Jaan said how delicious Biryani really is, Rahmat Saheb says that he filled the plate to such an extent that he is not even able to complete it, Ammi Jaan said that she is once again saying that Biryani Really tasty and if he is able to impress her seven times, if he is, he gives her whatever he wants, he forgives her if he is telling the truth and thinks again That he has asked the way for the love of Chahat.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 19 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-4)

Chahat comes to Neil and forces him to eat very fast after which Vyas ji explains that his wishes will be fulfilled if he keeps fast on the first Tuesday of the month, he asks him to take off his kurta. . Obstacles When he takes off the shirt, a guard comes in, so Neil immediately asks Chhath to hide, when he tells Neil that he is doing what he used to do in his house, Neil then wears Kalash. And wanting to ask him not to think about him or else his blood pressure will be high, Balek orders him to never call him on the phone again.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 19 january 2021 Written Episode Update Ends.

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