Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 20 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Neil helping Chahat wear it, Balek is asking Ghazal on the mobile if he is sure Neil has died, indicating Ghazal that Neil was crushed by a lot of trucks and cars because he Was in condition not alive, Balek said how he would just have to show Vyas ji the photo of any ruined body which he would not be able to bear and then no one would stop him from attaining the post of Mant Vyas. Balek said how he would pay Vyas ji to the extent he dies.

Vyas ji calls Devambri to ask her to give her some fruits as she will fast but there is no one in the kitchen, she herself tries to get the fruit when she sees Chahat who is bringing apples for her. Nobody is asking for salt with apples, Vyas ji then comes out of his daydreams, Jamuna tells how she is missing Chhath when Vyas says how he is not missing her. Is because he does not want to remember the person who has broken his trust, he is sorry how he knows that after the death of Saraswati no one cared for him but he still did not want to remember her .

Neil is helping her when Ghazal gets angry after calling Ammi Jaan, she tells how she was running her election campaign when someone threw something in her face and ruined her campaign, she says As for how it was Neil’s job, Chahat tries to say that while Ghazal is asking Ammi Jaan the question, Chahat asks how she knew she was not Neil when she lived in the house the whole time, Ammi She tells Jan that she will do anything to dispel the feelings that Chahal has for Neil, then she orders her servants to take Neil and kill him.

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Vyas ji is in the house when Balek comes running and is shocked, he is not able to say anything clearly, Vyas ji asks what has happened to Neil, Balek says that he is not with them Is and is dead. He was crushed by A. Truck on the road, Balek shows him the photo when Vyas ji says that it is not Neil, although Balek tries to convince him that it is Neil but Vyas ji says that He wants to believe the eyes of a father and Neil is still alive, Balek wonders what he should do.

Ammi Jaan, referring to the slap, said how she should not favor the Kafir with such strong intentions, she is about to slap him once again when Qasim stops him saying how he tries to explain the wish. Will and they both leave, Chahat asks Neil if it is because an innocent person will be killed, Neil explains how he will take care of the situation.

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Ammi Jaan tells how Chahat’s grandfather’s sword avenge Chaat, he orders his servant to kill the person and when the servant is about to kill him, Kasim stops him who asks Ammi Jaan As to why he had stopped them, Qasim explains that when he pours water on the person he wants to reveal a truth and it is revealed that he is Mansoor who is actually Ghazal Baig’s PA.


Ammi Jaan vowed to punish Ghazal, so Kasim orders him to cover his face with black ink when Ghazal asks Kasim to stop because he is the lord and he is just a servant, Ammi Jaan to make him tremble Said not, Neil says he has another way to recommend that they sell ghazal jewelery and donate money to the orphans because it will help Dr. Beg will be prayed for, Ammi Jaan forcefully asks her to sell her jewelery to Kasim, then also advises her to learn something from Kasim as she wins the election only if she works for the good of the people.

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Neil is anxiously waiting for the food because it is really hard to work while keeping the fast, wishing that he brings the food, saying that he has made the food with his hands, but Neil says that he ate cooked tortures that did not eat Can go, Chahat. She says that she will order food for him but she stops him saying that any food cooked by her will be tasty and she will eat anything, Chahat asks why she always looks good in other people, Neil said that she was not like this but after meeting her in the house started caring for other people. He is about to break his fast when he wants him to speak Mantar first which he starts reciting.

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Ghazal is angry with Qasim because she created an embarrassment for him that cannot be forgiven, when she hears Mantar and is shocked to see Neil in his house, when he realizes that he is indeed Qasim, Ghazal brings a knife and about to shoot her, when she overhears Chahat saying that Qasim has won Ammi Jaan’s heart four times and that he has to win only three times, Neil says that he is definitely Ammi. Will he ask for her hand in marriage with Jaan? Able to take back his words.

Ghazal withdraws the gun thinking that she will reveal the truth about Neil to Ammi Jaan if it is Neil and Chaha’s plan

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